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Chipped bathtub repair/replacement

The bathtub in my new place has several chips in it and I need to fix it/get it fixed. The tub is pretty disgusting in its current condition.

Initially I was considering replacing the tub myself, but as I gained a better understanding of what that job would require me to do I became pretty scared of doing it myself. It seemed that would need to remove tile around the tub and possibly even more than just a little. I would love to just replace this tub with a *new* tub but its going to cost too much to have it completely replaced by a professional.

I've been looking in to having it reglazed and repaired. However it seems like this route is a extremely mixed bag. Many people seem extremely dissatisfied with the results while another equally sized group are happy with how their tubs have turned out. The price gap between reglazing and replacement makes the reglazing option pretty appealing.

What are your thoughts on reglazing? Are there things I could do to make a replacement installation cost less? Any recommendations on pro's to call? I am in Central New Jersey.


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To glaze a tub it needs to be fired to about 800 degrees in an oven. I don't think that it's even possible to re-glaze it even if you have the capability to do that. What they call re-glazing is essentially just painting it. If you get a DIY kit, a handyman, or some cheap company to do it then it will look horrible. If you get someone who knows what they're doing it can look pretty good. It will not be as tough or last as long as the original finish though.


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I don't expect this to be a new tub. I just want it to look new-ish and clean for a while as I save up to remodel that bathroom.
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You could try calling Kohler Customer Service, 1-800-4KOHLER (1-800-456-4537). Ask them for a list of Authorized Service Reps (ASR) in your area. Kohler ASRs have been approved to do repairs on Kohler tubs. Even if yours isn't a Kohler, at least you will have some indication that the repair company is qualified and reputable.

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Before you refinish your tub, why not try to repair it and clean it properly yourself.

1. Are you aware that KIT Industries makes Porc-a-fix paint which is made to match all the colours that American Standard and Crane bathtubs ever came in. I use Porc-a-fix paint to paint over chips in the bathtubs in my apartments, and when doing the incoming condition reports, the tenants can't see any chips until I point them out. You can only really see them once they're pointed out because the paint matches darn near perfectly.
(When you buy a bottle of Porc-a-fix, it'll come with a stupid piece of sandpaper. You're supposed to sand the paint smooth with that sandpaper. (?) Throw the sandpaper in the garbage. After painting the Porc-a-fix paint on, wait several hours for it to get stiff, but not rock hard. Then, use a single edge razor blade to cut the paint flush with the tub's surface. That works so much better than trying to sand it smooth.

2. What have you been using to clean your bathtub?
Try cleaning it with some phosphoric acid based bathroom cleaner on a Magic Eraser. Phosphoric acid is commonly used as a bathroom cleaner because it cuts through soap scum easily without harming chrome plating. And a Magic Eraser (also known as "Basotect foam" from the BASF company) has a very fine fibrous structure that allows it to clean out even the smallest scratches on surfaces to get your tub really clean. No other cleaner I know of works as well on a bathtub as a Magic Eraser.

Try cleaning it and fixing it up with Porc-a-fix. I expect you'll be surprised at how well you can get it looking.
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I thought it might be handy to attach a photo of the tub to show its damage.

Any tips on identifying and make/model/color of a tub?
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