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Same problem different solution

First thanks to everyone who has replied to the post, really gave me direction in trying to fix the same issue that others have had. So here was my issue and how i resolved it:
My wife was bugging me about fixing our bottom stairs toilet because it was running every five minutes. I wasn't sure why the toilet was running by my assumption was that there was a leak that was causing water from the tank to the toilet bowl. In order to track if there was a leak I added a few drops of food coloring to the tank and almost immediately saw the water in the bowl turning color. I decided to buy a complete Fluidmaster toilet tank repair valve kit from Lowes and installed it per the instructions. I filled up the tank with water and waited about 20 minutes just watching for any leaks on the bolts or base of the bowl, none occurred. I felt confident enough for the inaugural flush however as the water began flowing into the bowl, i saw that a ton of water was leaking from the bolts as well as on the floor.
After some trial and error as well as a few visits to Lowes I decided to drive down to Homedepot.. there I found out that I needed to get the correct gasket for the bowl. In my case, my bowl was a Briggs... sure enough Fluidmaster made a gasket for Briggs (Extra Thick Gasket 3 1/2 Outer Diameter, 2 1/8 Inner Diameter, 1 1/8 thick) Fits American Standard, Briggs, Kilgore, Norris and Universal Rundle bowls.
After I installed it the toilet worked perfectly... and I test drove it that night!
So moral of the story, the Fluidmaster Kits work, however double check the parts are comparable to what is currently installed. Good luck to those of you earning your plumbers crack!


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I have a Gerber toilet and bought the Fluidmaster complete repair kit for $20 at Wal Mart. I had the exact same problem, after reading this thread I replaced the bowl to tank seal with the old one and the problem is fixed. Thank you for the information.
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wish I'd found this thread years ago

The toilet in my guest bathroom hasn't worked well in years; I don't know that much about plumbing, so I figured I'd try switching out the works to see if that helped. I thought I'd done it correctly, but there was a significant leak between tank and bowl when I flushed it, so I figured I'd missed something and I left it alone.

Well, the toilet in the master bathroom had problems, so I had to replace the flush and fill valve, and lo! The same problem occurred ... but this time I found this thread, went back and checked, and sure enough, they're both Gerber toilets, and I'd bought Fluidmaster kits to fix both of them. I had saved one of the old gaskets: when I swapped that one in for the Fluidmaster gasket, the toilet worked fine.

Thanks to you all for explaining it so clearly! I knew something was off but didn't know where to look. Now I do: back at the store to find the correct size gasket for the guest toilet.
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Thanks to all who contributed to this thread. It helped me diagnose my Gerber toilet that had suddenly started leaking when flushed, dripping from the tank bolts.

I replaced the tank-to-bowl gasket with a generic one from the local hardware store, but that did not help. Apparently the Gerber does need a thicker gasket.

I removed the U-shaped rubber spacers from between tank and bowl, allowing the gasket to seat deeper and tighter, and that seems to have fixed the problem. The tank now easily comes right down against the bowl pedestal, which would seem to show that the generic gasket is not really thick enough to make a tight seal with the spacers in place.

I had lost one of the four spacers anyway - it probably got flushed down the drain.

I am just glad that the bowl is not cracked.

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wow, this thread been here longer than me.
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Fancy Spud Gasket

After calling several plumbing supply stores and them not having the thicker spud gasket - Gerber's existing toilet lost out to a new Eljer toilet. after spending 2 days trying to fix the gerber I threw in the towel, bought a new toilet. the new toilet was installed in about an hour.
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Commenting on the toilet leaking when flushed conversation.

I have one doing the same thing. Seems to me that it must be the gasket that is leaking. If true, after the flush, it leaks, and the water runs to the lowest point as gravity takes it downward. That's to the end of the bols and then it drips to the floor. it must be the gasket that is bad or a crack right?
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Originally Posted by racerted View Post
Definitely not condensation. I have replaced the kit in upstairs bathroom last year. This is the second toilet that I've worked on. I managed to get it right on the first one but have had no success.

Ron, I'll give it a try installing your way but just don't have much confidence. Your method assumes the leak is coming from the tank. I think it is coming from the connection between the tank and the bowl. You said to basically to seal the tank from both sides with rubber washers but there will be no seal on the bottom of the bowl. Maybe I should just add a rubber washer there also. Can't see how that would hurt.

And by the way guys, I really appreciate your help. Either you get paid for this or really just want us DIY'ers to succeed!
Adding rubber washers under the bowl side will do no good,youre trying to seal the bolts coming through the tank itself.
Ive been installing toilets exactly the same way as he said for years also,if that doesnt cure it look for a crack in tank or a bad seal in center.
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I had the same issue with a Gerber. Get the next size up gasket(thicker and larger diameter), put the Flu******er one on the hex nut, place the bigger one on the bowl, set tank on, tighten wing nuts, and be done. This was not bolt leaks, but tank/bowl leak when flushed.


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