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detyianni 11-29-2010 10:00 AM

caulking shower stall questions, removal, grout sealing etc
Thanks in advance to everyone who contributes here, this site really helps me alot since I am a new homeowner.

I need to re caulk my shower stall and have attached some pics to help with my questions. I am going to list what i think I should do and please comment thanks!

1. clean shower floor and clean up all dark spots on grout, what do i use for this? oxyclean, bleach and a toothbrush?

2. remove old caulk, using a razor and possibly caulk remover (I have used this to help remove caulk sealing outdoor light fixtures and its great)

2.2 clean around where I cleaned off the caulk, again what should i use bleach? alcohol etc?

3. let everything dry a couple days to have a bone dry shower stall

(**do i need to reseal the floor with any type of sealer before continuing**)

4. while I am waiting for the shower to dry replace rusty screws holding stall together one at a time. (gonna remove one screw to take to the store to get same size, any sugesstions on what screws?)

5. re caulk, I purchased a tube of GE GROOV is this good? also see my pics, 1) this is a dirty grout line should i caulk over this line after cleaning it? 2) should i caulk all the way up this corner? How about on the opposite wall that is tiled up about 8 ft

Thanks for the help!:thumbsup:

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