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Cast iron drainage (under basement floor) to PVC connection

Hi. I am researching the proper method(s) for replacing the cast iron drainage (3") that runs under the basement floor with PVC. I have read that Fernco couplings are the proper item to use.
I have also read that the connection might need to be wrapped before re-covering with concrete.
I have read over the plumbing code book and cant seem to find a definitive answer.
Thanks for any insight/advice/suggestions!


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I would suggest using a shielded furnco for this application. Depending on how deep the hole is, you can pile gravel over top of it before covering with concrete. I'll let the plumbing experts weigh in though.


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Use sand, not gravel to shield your drain pipe (min 6") under slab. Shielded fernco is good for making a connection. Any pipe that travels through concrete must be shielded/wrapped in order to protect it.
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Originally Posted by RoscoeMcD View Post
I am researching the proper method(s) for replacing the cast iron drainage.
Thanks for any insight/advice/suggestions!
Before starting this project and even if YOU don't want to have them...
plan for additional basement level plumbing fixtures...
and possible relocation of what you already have.

Also consider what *other* drain pipes run below the slab there.
The biggest problems come from the Kitchen and laundry drains.
Don't go to all this trouble and mess for the big pipe...
only to have to do it all again in a few years for the smaller ones.
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Hi all.. First thanks for the input :-)
I have planned/designed in the plumbing for an additional bathroom at some point in the near future. All fixture drains (shower/sink/toilet) are in a straight line and within 3 feet of the main line and the existing floor drain is in the laundry room. Although generic, this is the most efficient design considering the available space and requirements.
Luckily, all mainfloor plumbing (bungalow) was changed over to PVC before I bought the house, and they even added an additional 2" vent line at the attic height and capped off the line in the basement next to the main stack. Someone was thinking ahead!
The only cast iron left is at the floor level in the laundry room where the PVC stack is coupled with the cast iron (3"). I want to replace the remainder of the CI as somewhere near the floor drain there is a leak and the elm tree in my neighbor's yard has found it! (yes, the elm tree is FAR too close to both his house and MINE, but thats a whole other issue!)
Luckily, after scoping, the drain line appears to be in a straight line and only about 12 feet long.
Feel free to offer any suggestions/comments...
Have a good one!
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