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wombosi 11-06-2008 07:38 PM

Can my corner sink (and toilet) be salvaged??
I'm renovating the upstairs of my house for rental.

Here's the bathroom I'm dealing with, without having touched anything. (I pulled the linoleum floor up this morning and exposed that painted yellow pine (and patched plywood).

As you can see, it's quite "charming," but the corner sink in particular I'm not sure what to do with.
I'd really love to keep it if it's fixable for cheaper than replacing. I can't find anything new that looks like this, with that nice high backsplash to protect the beadboard.

So, some pretty bad is inside the overflow area, very loose, like a big handfull of rust flakes. Also looks like the actual cast iron is developing a crack, though I'm not sure. The sink works and does not leak, but has virtually no pressure or flow from the hot water faucet.

Can this sink be restored with a DIY kit and as much of my time as needed? If I had someone do this, either on site or shipped out, would might I expect to pay? Is it worth it, in your collective opinion?

Finally, if I save it, can I get a faucet that bridges the hot and cold into one spout? They are 7" apart.
Here's the inside of the toilet. I bought a hardware kit for it, and then tried to take out the old stuff, but that shaft next to the center hole snapped off, and I think it's built into the tank and not replaceable. Am I wrong on this? If I'm right, then the toilet is junk and needs to be replaced.

Another question: Can this toilet be saved, and is it worth it?

Plan for the bathroom is to yank out the toilet and tub, and tile the floor, then have a plumber put all the "horror" back togeva again.

Thanks guys.


JDC 11-07-2008 11:49 PM

Well first and foremost I'd get rid of the toilet. It can be rebuilt, but man if it were mine I'd definitely update. Same with the lavatory. Do a google search for "corner lavatory". I just did and found MANY places that sell them though the backsplash may not be as high as you'd like. But...something like this is nice.

Now the tub.....I think I might pay someone to have it professionally reglazed. However, that's me personally and I have a "thing" for old clawfoot tubs. You could get a nice tub alot cheaper than having this one reglazed, but....again....for me, there's nothing like an old clawfoot. How much it would cost for a professional reglaze (and thats the ONLY way I'd go...professionally) is going to depend alot on where you live. Around here I'd guess at anywhere for $300-500. Could be cheaper around you or more expensive. Call around and see then weigh your options.

Good luck!

buletbob 11-08-2008 06:29 AM

I had a old wall mounted sink redone It ran A little over 300.00. your tub is going to be a bit more, I would say over 600.00 or so. your going to have to make a decision. and yes you still can get those style faucet knobs. BOB

Blondesense 11-10-2008 10:44 AM

Very cool bathroom. If it were mine I would definitely try to keep it as original as possible.

If you seriously consider reglazing, I would suggest doing some homework. First, not all companies are created equal. Look at their work and ask for references. Ask about their warranty/guarantee policy.

Also, keep in mind reglazing is not as durable as the original surface. Many companies have special cleaning requirements (no abrasives etc.). I would do it for my own bathroom, but I would hate to spend the money to reglaze and then have a renter ruin it.

Edited to add: Is this the only bathroom in the rental? Does this have a shower, or are you going to add one?
As much as I like the clawfoot, with the potential for water damage, you might want to consider something more indestructible for a rental situation.

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