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ClancyKev 10-23-2009 04:55 PM

can I runa second line from a pre-existing saddle valve?
Hi everyone I'm knew to this forum. I know, I know saddle valves are bad as they will eventually wear out or leak, however the home I recently purchased already has one installed. I asked the seller if they have had any problems and they said they have had it installed for 15+ years without any leaking.

With that said it is going to a humidifier for my heater. I am getting a new fridge with an ice maker and the same is the closest to the fridge. What I was wondering is can I split the line so that the same saddle valve takes water both to my humidifier and ice maker?

I don't know if this would even be possible as the water pressure might be diminished greatly if I were to do that so that neither appliance would get adequate water supply? If this is not possible would it be possible to add a second saddle valve to the same pipe? I am experienced only with working with PVC piping to install a dishwasher and garbage disposer. I have not had any experience soldering pipes and would like to install the ice maker as easily as possible.

According to Wisconsin building code the saddle valve is acceptable. Thanks for the advice.

rjniles 10-23-2009 07:02 PM

While I would recommend that the saddle valve be replaced with a soldered in stop (assuming your saddle is on a copper tube), you could add a compression tee off the saddle and split to the humidifier and the ice maker. Please use soft copper or a braided supply line and not the clear plastic tubing to supply the devices. Pressure or volume will not be an issue as neither device uses much water.

You might consider using a "Shark Bite" fitting to replace the saddle.

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