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Can I run CSST inside PVC or other conduit?

I've hired a company to extend a gas line up to the second floor of my house (duplex with tenants on the first floor). The plumber was nice enough to give me the CSST so that I can run the pipe from the basement up to the second floor, saving me some of his labor. He said that code requires all sill plate penetrations to be protected with a nail plate and gave me a couple.

Now I'm looking where the pipe will run in the first floor space, and its behind the kitchen wall, where cabinets are hung. And I'm a little uneasy with the CSST, since someone remodeling the kitchen (like me) might put nails in places besides the floor. Can I run the CSST inside 1 1/2 pvc, or even 1 1/2 black pipe, to get a little better level of protection? Just a straight piece for the vertical run in the wall. Will the inspector freak out?

Obviously it would be a disaster if the inspector failed it since then I'd have to undo everything and pay more for the company to come back out and redo all the connections. I'm just trying to make things SAFER. (Doing everything in hard pipe would be a much bigger job because of some turns to get to where the stove is on the second floor)



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It's up to your inspector.. Here you can run inside the wall as long as there are no joints(connections in the wall). It may also need to be grounded.. If you are going to install it inside 1 1/2 black pipe.. Just run the pipe forget the tubing


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I would say no, you can't put it in PVC. CSST must never be restrained in a stud cavity because leaving it loose helps it get out of the way of screws and nails. The PVC would restrain it and doesn't offer much protection. Plumbers that fasten CSST to the face of the studs on vertical runs are doing it wrong, albeit neater looking. Gotta leave it flopping loose.

A metal pipe sleeve would provide adequate nail strike protection but is unconventional. I'd suggest contacting the inspector before you do that. There are some bonding concerns that the metal pipe could possibly create...I wouldn't fuss about it but know of inspectors that might.

My suggestion to ease your fears would be to get what they call "stripwound conduit", which is made for CSST pipe. It is a flexible metal conduit made for exactly what you're wanting to do.

Also, be sure you got the right nailguards from your plumber. CSST nailguards are hardened steel, not mild steel. They're black, not gray or silver. If they're not black they're for your other plumbing but don't meet the CSST manufacturers' requirements. Of course the manufacturers want you using their own nailguards, but it is a requirement nonetheless. You'd be shocked how many plumbers have no clue how to properly install CSST in compliance with its protection guidelines.
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Originally Posted by kenmac View Post
It may also need to be grounded
Yes, in VA., CSST needs to be bonded to the grounding electrode system with no smaller than #6 copper.
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And depending on the brand of CSST, it may need the bonding jumper to provide continuity at each fitting. Unfortunately this is loosely enforced in a lot of areas and it presents a very real safety hazard especially with lightning strikes.
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The only thing I would run in a wall is black iron pipe. But that is just me. I don't care what the plumbing code allows to make it easier. When i go to heaven I want to go the old fashion way not because I wanted to save a few bucks.


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gas pipe

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