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TDRohn 01-07-2008 01:49 PM

Can I install a kitchen faucet on Utility sink/tub??
Hi There,

I have a standard plastic utlity sink in the laundry with a typical delta faucet. We have a used Delta kitchen faucet that has a pull out head spray handle(Signature 470/472 style). The wife wants to replce the current faucet with this spray head one. My question is, can I replace this on the plastic tub?? I will have to make a large center hole to fit the two supply lines and the spray head, and then it has two tie down bolts on each side- easily drill those in. I guess my concern is, can you cut into the plastic?? If so, what do you recomend to cut with.

Appreciate any insights would be appreciated. THX Tom

End Grain 01-07-2008 02:21 PM


Most stock pre-drilled sinks have three holes, occasionally a 4th for a spray attachment. Most newer pull-out spray faucets allow for single stem mount and come with a chrome cover plate to hide the two other holes if required. I'm guessing that your laundry sink has just two holes - right? For the standard lavatory/utility style Delta faucet? Or, does it have three holes? The width of the existing faucet should tell you if you have not yet removed it. With only two holes, it will be a bit of a layout chore to drill a new hole between the two exiting ones and then two more to accomodate the cover plate holddown but it's more than do-able. You may have to reinforce the sink underneath these holes for additional strength. Pulling the sprayer out puts a bit of strain on the assembly and there would already be more holes in the plastic sink. With three existing holes, it's very simple.

Perhaps you can add some more info about what you have and what you'd like to install in its place.

Bondo 01-07-2008 02:24 PM


If the Faucet Handles are the Same Spacing between them,.......
Or your going to a Single Handle faucet,......
It should be a Bolt On,+ Run It situation............

Most Plastics are cuttable with normal Woodworking Tools.......

howtovdos 09-17-2008 03:25 AM

How To Install a Kitchen Faucet - View Video
Youtube has a video on installation of faucet. Worth having a look - How To Install a Kitchen Faucet

majakdragon 09-17-2008 12:13 PM

It is possible as long as there is enough room on the ledge at the back of the sink. I would take a piece of (at least) 1/2" wood and clamp it under the current hole and make a mark at the center of the hole. Then use a hole saw to drill the new hole. use this same piece of wood as a support for the new faucet (by screwing or gluing it in place under the lip) . The pull-out sprayers put a lot of stress on the plastic.

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