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Can anyone tell me what kind of pipe this is?

Hi, I need to replace this drain pipe that runs from my kitchen sink to the plumbing vent. Someone said it was galvanized pipe but when I climbed up there it looks like copper or brass.

Can anyone tell me what kind of pipe this is and if a bigginer DIYer can replace it. I especially need to know if I can take it out of where it connects to the vent pipe without ruining the vent pipe.

I need to fix it badly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

It's the long pipe in the 1st 2 pics.


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Black plastic is ABS

Black rough metal is cast iron. Galvanized would look more grey, but magnet is strongly attracted to both, so you can easily tell them from copper or brass.

white plastic is PVC, as clearly printed on the side.

The metal one with the old penny color is copper.

They're both "long pipes" and I'm not sure which one you're talking about.

Cast iron or galvanized steel pipes are hard to work with and definitely not n00b job. If you're going to be working on the copper, avoid disturbing the copper pipe going into cast iron. Leave that piece behind, then attach replacement to it. You should be able to unsweat it or cut it.


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copper. As suggested above, white is PVC, black is cast iron. I don't really see any ABS.
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ABS running vertically in pictures 3 and 4 on the right hand side?
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You say you badly need to fix kitchen sink drainage to waste pipe. Is it leaking? From pic 2, is long run of copper pipe accessible all the way to kitchen sink hookup? Or do you have a clogged line? You don't say. Long horizontal runs tend to clog more and need more maintenance. I'd not use a garbage disposal on this line for this reason.

As HVAC_NW states, this is not novice work. I agree to leave last section of copper where it merges into galvanized pipe unless that's a leak point also.

It involves cutting and sweating expensive copper pipe not to mention sink hookup which is not shown. Alternately switching to PVC is cheaper.
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Sorry to tell you this, but you have a mess on your hands. The only thing that is properly piped is the copper, and I hope the white horizontal pvc is not a drain. The drain for the washer is also incorrect, it is not vented, and if it is below the outside grade it should have a back water valve installed to prevent sewer backup.
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As stated above, there is a lot wrong with the plumbing. It would be helpful to know why you think the copper drain pipe needs to be replaced. If replacing that pipe will solve your problem, it could probably be done simply enough. As mentioned above, leave as much of that stub that joins the Y as you can.

Do you need to replace the sink end above or beneath the floor? Beneath would simplify things. Replace the copper drain with PVC (the white stuff). They make Fernco rubber adapters that will join copper drain to PVC with hose clamps. You can buy those at your local home improvement store. Then be sure to provide adaquate support in the way of pipe hangers to your new PVC.

If you are going to do this yourself, that is the route I would suggest. If you do not feel confident in doing that, then a plumber tis the way to go.

Once you have solved your current dilemma, you should then think about addressing the other problems mentioned. Good luck.


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