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Hoops 10-24-2011 12:32 PM

Buying a home - water softener advice needed before closing
Hi...first post!!

I'm buying a home that was built in 2007, and am unsure of what to do with the existing water softener. The home is in the country with well water. The sellers are renting a Culligan Gold Aquasensor 45 and the home also has a rented Culligan Water Tower purifier (spigot by the kitchen sink). I've called Culligan and asked for a purchase price of each and the softener is $1050, the purifier is $286. My wife called a family member who is a plumber. His reccomendation was to get a water test done to see what size softener is needed. He also mentioned that he would likely have Culligan take the system out and install a Hellenbrand system that is new and less expensive than the $1050. The seller is supposed to provide us with a well/septic report of some kind but I'm not sure if that gives us water test results. Would it be better to keep the Culligan or get the Hellenbrand for less money? Is the purifier worth it or it it just doing the same thing as a Brita filter?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated before we close on this home!

Hoops 10-25-2011 09:02 AM


md2lgyk 10-25-2011 11:41 AM

You really need to have the water tested. Only then will you know for sure what sort of water treatment (if any) you need. Can't comment on the Hellenbrand as I've never heard of it.

gregzoll 10-25-2011 01:12 PM

If it already has a Culligan system in it, they would have tested the water before installing their system in the first place. Only problem with purchasing a system, is that if anything happens, you are stuck with the costs to repair. Leasing from Culligan, they would maintain it.

Hoops 11-02-2011 08:40 AM


I asked Culligan to give me the water test results that were taken 6-4-08. Here are the results:

Hardness 23 gpg
Iron .5
pH 6.8
Other TDS 500 (not sure what that is if its even water related)

Yesterday I was at the house testing everything out. As I was filling the bathtub I noticed the water was dark almost grey in color, it also had a sulfer/rotten egg smell to it. I checked the water softner tank and the salt level is very low, I can see water. Culligan wants $1050 for the used softner, and I'm trying to figure out what this house needs to have good water (water that doesn't smell and is ok to drink). The house has been empty for a few months. Culligan mentioned the previous homeowner always bought "iron out" salt from them.

A water test/well inspection was just completed, but it looks like the only tests he did was nitrate and bacteria test. Both were fine it looks like with 0 nitrates.

Any thoughts on what this house needs to get good water?


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