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tackyjan 09-24-2012 12:16 PM

Brown Tinted Water
All the sudden this morning the water coming out of my pipes has a light brown tint to it. As far as I know this started happening as of last night. Here is a picture of what my water looks like (when I fill my sink).

Note the spots are pure white reference points I put on the image to help you see the contrasts.

I live in a condo complex with 20 units. I am on the top floor. Funny thing is, my neighbor to the left of me doesn't have this issue. I have been unable to contact any other neighbors to see if they were having this issue but the HOA president did send out an email.

I will keep you guys posted. In the meantime, any ideas as to what could be causing this? What are the chances that it's local to just my condo? Could it be the city water supply?


Turbogus 09-24-2012 04:20 PM

After purchasing our first home recently we found a great deal of sediment apparently coming from our water heater. The calcium buildup was so bad that after first hooking up our clothes washer it flowed no hot water at all. Pulling the intake hot water hose I found the screen packed with sediment, likewise for the sinks and showers. I drained the water heater once (without knowing what I was doing) I left the faucets closed and left the water feed valve open >-( rats!
Did it again recently (and properly) and I got a lot of turdibity out of the hose and toward the end some of that calcium sediment. My spouse asked me to desist as our water/sewer bill the pervious month was approaching $100 clams. Immediately after buttoning up the water heater and running fresh water through the lines I must've broken something loose because there was a great deal of dark turbid water out of all faucets for about five minutes before it became clear. I realize that I didn't do a complete job on refilling and draining the water heater, but after reading on some other forums on older water heaters the calcium can re-harden around potential leak points as water looks for the easiest route to flow. Therefore I'm dubious about attempting further drainage and refilling of the water heater not knowing how old it is or what shape it's in. Every two weeks I check the screens in the faucets and do my best to pick the sediment from the shower head (I'm going to install a screen ahead of that as my next micro project). All this being said, perhaps you may do a water heater cleanout (draining and refilling) to clear up your water, that is, if you're on city water as we are. Best of luck!

AllanJ 09-24-2012 05:10 PM

If you shut off the water supply, turn off the water heater heating before draining out any significant amount of water.

To get rid of sediment collected at the bottom of the hot water tank you only drain enough from the water heater until the water runs clear.

Then, after refilling the water heater, use just one hot faucet to run to get out any other sediment that was shaken loose and did not go to the bottom of the water tank. Again, when the water becomes clear, that should be good enough.

Have a hot water faucet running water before turning the heating back on.

Turbogus 09-24-2012 05:26 PM

Doh! I meant to list the procedure too but I got off to a tangent with regard to my issues augh!

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