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adpanko 02-10-2010 03:33 PM

Bradford White water heater
Anyone else have this problem:

I had a new Bradford White gas hot water heater installed over the summer. Ever since then, there has been a lot of air in the hot water when we turn on fauctets/showers, and when the water heats up in the tank there is a lot of crackling noise coming from inside like popcorn popping. The installer/plumber came to check it out and couldn't think of any reason why these problems would happen. I called Bradford White and their tech people said the electrolysis is aggressively eating the anode rod, which is what the crackling is, and that process creates a lot of gas in the process, which is what is all of the bad spurting and air is we get on our faucets.

Anyone else notice this? Also, Bradford White puts their anode rods into the hot water outlet on top of the unit; there is no separate anode rod hole on the top of the unit. I'm no technical expert on the matter, but doesn't it seem like a bad idea to put the anode on the hot water outlet? A) if you wanted to change the anode, you'd have to cut off the hot water line to get to the anode and B), presumable the closer the anode is to the hot water outlet, the faster I will get gas into my water when I turn on faucets and such.

Any thoughts or feedback? FYI - I had my water tested and the results showed the water is mildly hard, but nothing serious (separately, I've never had a problem with calcification or other build-up on my faucets, so I know my water isn't hard). Anyone know why I might be having such aggressive erosion of the anode and such bad air/gas problems as a result? I've never heard of this happening. I'm wondering if Bradford White had a design flaw but didn't admit it.

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