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harpua103 12-30-2009 02:43 PM

booster pump/ water pressure problem
Hello all, my name is Jason and I am a licensed contractor / handyman. I have a problem with a bathroom remodel where the shower now has a 4 foot tall metal box on the wall that includes 10 jets that shoot water at the user as well as a normal shower head. The problem is, that when the user is showering and has the jets on at the same time, there simply is not enough pressure. I bought an indoor water pressure booster pump, but upon reading the directions, I have discovered that the water temperature maximum is 104 degrees F. My plan was to install this pump between the hot water heater outlet and the rest of the house.(therefore boosting the hot water) Unfortunately, the temperature is not my only problem. The pump I bought says that the operating pressure for the pump is between 23 and 50 psi. Isn't normal water pressure between 50 and 60 psi anyways? If that is the case then this pump is not strong enough. Lastly, the lines in the back of the metal box in the shower as well as the lines in the walls of the house are 1/2 inch. The outlet from the hot water heater is 3/4 inch. I have been told that since the intake and outtake holes on the pump are 1 inch, that I would need to make the rest of the lines leading to the shower 1 inch. Is it possible to have more than 60 psi going through a standard 1/2 inch line? If so, what pump should I use and where can I get it? Thanks for the help. - jason

Bob Mariani 12-30-2009 02:50 PM

you can adjust your pressure switch to give you 60 or even 65 PSI... BUT... you need at least 3/4" to feed the shower (1" would be much better). It is not a pressure problem but a problem with adequate flow. Running new lines using PEX should be doable if you want to use the shower you will need to do this. No pressure pump will help you. Also the amount of hot water may not be enough. if possible use a tankless heater next to the shower.

harpua103 12-30-2009 03:10 PM

thanks - how would I run the pex w/o putting a bunch of holes in the walls? Is pex easier to fish though the walls or something? This house is on a slab, the shower is upstairs and the water heater is downstairs and 15 feet away. Although I do believe the 1st floor ceiling joists are running paralell w/ the way I would need to go!

Bob Mariani 12-30-2009 03:26 PM

yes you can fish pex just like you would with electrical wires. Bottom line run a larger line or replace the shower with less jets. Or fill a holding tank with your half inch pipe and use a pump to feed the shower.

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