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Boiler Options -Will Boiler be good enough??!!

Hello All!

I am currently getting some quotes together for having central heating and hot water fitted in my 2 bedroom house.

With the quotes I have had so far, I have noticed that the boilers vary in performance quite drastically (I think in order for the fitter so give me as low a price as possible?) and I am concerned that the smaller boilers will struggle to heat up the water for my house, and provide the sort of power needed.

Some quotes have been based on 'junior' boilers which my parents have had in their 2 bed house and have struggled with its performance - with general running water but particularly with Power Shower. The radiators also dont get as hot as others I have felt (I understand that there are different types of rad, but generally it seems they just dont get as hot as you would expect!)

Can anybody advise me of if I should go with a better perfoming boiler rather than a 'junior' type boiler? That way at least if the water is too hot I can turn it down, as with the heating. My general feeling is to pay an extra couple of hundred for a better boiler rather than regret getting a cheaper one!

Thank you for your help, any advice or experiences would be appreciated.

Many Thanks



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I've never heard of a junior boiler vs. a regular boiler. If you want to do it right you can have a heat load analysis done. They take into account the number and type of windows, surface area of the house, insulation, and average outside temperatures to determine what size boiler you need.

However almost no one does that and it's often just a waste of money. You usually base your next unit on how your current one performs and what if any work you plan on doing to the house. Find out how many BTUs the unit you have now is. Then ask yourself if your current boiler does an adequate job of heating without running constantly. If it does get the same sized boiler. Remember a new unit of the same BTU rating will outperform an older one because over time a boiler looses efficacy. If it isn't sufficient and is constantly running to keep the house warm then you need a larger unit. If it almost never runs and only turns on for very short periods of time you could go with a smaller unit.

You want the right boiler for your situation the solution is not to simply buy the biggest one you can afford.

If you have the money I'd look at an indirect fired hot water heater. They work off your boiler and are essentially a coil with a tank. If you like long showers, run multiple hot water appliences simultaneously, have or plan on adding a whirlpool tub, or even take baths you'll appreciate it.


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Hello There,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Unfortunately I am unsure how the previous system performed as I have only just bought the house and ripped out the old system as it was VERY old.

I think there are probably online calculators for what you mention, I will take a look thats a good idea thanks! Its probably worth mentioningthat the walls of my house do not have cavities like many houses do nowadays, so I am unable to insulate the outside walls of the house.

I have however bought a house almost identical to my parents and their boiler is seriously struggling to supply the house with decent levels of heat and seems to constantly sruggle. It is also fairly new so should be running at a good % of its best efficiency. All of the settings are on full and it still doesnt do what it needs to to heat the house effectively and support a power shower.

Looking at the cost of boilers you can get 30-40% more powerful boilers for 'only' a couple of hundred pounds more, as a part of a 3600 quote I dont think this is too much for to get a guaranteed performance.

I understand that its not best just to get the biggest one, but the way I see it is if you are too warm you can turn the settings down and your boiler will go off, but if your boiler doesnt do what you need with all the settings on full you are stuck unless you replace the boiler and I dont want to be in that position.

Thanks for your input and time,

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