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jamiedolan 08-14-2009 10:16 AM

Black Iron Exposed?
Hello again,

I know black Iron is exposed by the meter where it comes into the house. Is it generally code compliant to have black iron run outside?

For example here, running the black iron just below my siding and attaching it to the concrete foundation. It would be just inches below the sill plate, but still almost a foot off the ground. It would be secured to the concrete and would not be subject to physical damage to any extent.

Would I use that special corrosion resistant tape for it where it is outside?

One other quick question on black iron, since the fittings are "reversible" (can be unscrewed) unlike solder on copper pipes, which I believe people generally consider irreversible connections. Do the fittings to black Iron need to stay accessible? I've only ever seen black Iron run in basements them poked up through the floor for a stove or laundry, but the connections were all accessible.



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