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Best way to cut galvanized drain pipe?

I have a house built in 1972. I had a home inspection before I purchased but I guess the inspector wasn't very interested in plumbing. I'm missing a shutoff valve in the kitchen and already had to replace the toilet. Under the bathroom sink there is the original P trap which seems to be 2" galvanized steel. The former owners attached ANOTHER PVC P trap above it I suppose to help drain of new vanity reach the old drain. It clogs constantly. I want to cut out old drain pipe so I have a 4" stub to attach new PVC trap to. I just called a local plumber and he's talking about late next week before he can look at it and says he "needs" to cut out ALL the galvy in the house. I have a reciprocating saw and a dremel multi master and a few other tools. What's the best for cutting the pipe? Should I rent something?
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Best way to cut galvanized drain pipe?

I don't know if I'd cut it all out until I was sure it was necessary. Even if you do decide to remove it all there won't be a need to cut every joint. If there are ground-joint unions in any sections to be removed you won't have to cut there at all.

Once you open a couple pieces up you'll know if you need to remove it all. I would use a 4-1/2" grinder with a cut off wheel for any necessary cuts. It's quick, but it's noisy. Wear hearing and eye protection!
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Best way to cut galvanized drain pipe?

Thanks for the reply. I do have a grinder that's seldom used as I hate how stuff flies around from it. The plumbing seems to function so I don't want to cut it all out! I just wanted to take out the extra P trap. It looks terrible and constantly gets clogged. I can't believe the inspector didn't notice it. Replacing all the plumbing seems a bit extreme. He must have boat payment due!
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Best way to cut galvanized drain pipe?

sawzall and a metal cutting blade. If you can cut where there are threads now it will start easier and cut quicker. Use a nohub coupling to attach new ABS/PVC and go nuts
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