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imhotep 02-03-2010 08:21 AM

Bathtub doors
I have a question about installing some glass doors into my garden-style bathtub. It measures 58 1/8" wide (from tile to tile).

On craigslist I found a BNIB set of doors that have a maximum width of 57 3/4", so I would be short about 3/8". Is there a way that I could fill the gap that would not leak?

I ask because these doors are brand new and listed for $65, whereas the cheapest I have found them online is about $200 for a set that will span up to 60".

Thanks for your help!

imhotep 02-03-2010 09:28 AM

Actually the gap would only be 3/16" per side. So what I would have is a 3/16" on either side of the bottom track. Once the side tracks are inserted there would be a small hole in each corner where water 'could' get out. Is this a big deal at all? Could I just fill those voids with caulk?


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