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mark p 02-04-2007 08:50 PM

bathtub caulking
I have over the years caulked many bathtubs without a problem but this one is new to me. I have caulked my daughters tub in their renovated bathroom after also doing some plumbing. there appears to be no leaks but after letting them caulking cure for a few days certain areas of the caulk is going almost like a paste. figured was just wet still behind so stripped and recaulked again with a different brand of caulk and did the same thing again. there still seems to be no sign of leaking of water behind the wall. why will this not cure and stay hard? Please, Please, Please!
thanks anyone. Mark

majakdragon 02-05-2007 07:04 AM

It certainly sounds like a moisture issue. I am assuming the caulk was fully cured before the tub was used (?). Another thing it could be. Measure up from the top of the tub in the area where the caulk fails and make a mark on the wall. Then step into the tub and check the measurement again. If the measurement has changed (increased), the tub may be flexing and letting moisture get behind the new caulk and soaking into the caulk from behind. If so, you can strip the caulk again, and then fill the tub as full as possible with water, recaulk and let it cure with the water in the tub. This will let the caulk cure in an expanded position. Once cured, the tub can be drained and the caulk will relax but still allow it to strech again when someone is in the tub. Good luck.

mark p 02-05-2007 05:55 PM

bathtub caulking
thank you for your insite. I did already try filling the bath tub up with water first and that didn't work. when they bought the house there had been a major water damage issue in the bathroom that had been repaired by the insurance co. of the previous owner but the bad walls had not been part of the repairs. when my son in law ripped the old wet drywall out, he cut the vapour barrier down to the level of the tub so I wasn't able to properly tape the new and old barrier together. This being on an outside wall is it possible that the cold is not allowing it to properly cure. After I did the plumbing there did not appear to be any leaks and being above the livingroom there hasn't been any sign of dampness or anything on the ceiling. I would hate to have to tear open the wall again to find that there is no leaking and it is something else. Also is it possible for this problem could be the the moisture behind the caulk from it not properly curing is just not drying up enough before it was redone?
thank you for the attention

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