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amodoko 05-29-2011 03:10 PM

bathroom sink stopper question - Pictures in thread
Hi, very basic question here. My bathroom sink stopper needs some repair. The part beneath the sink (sorry, don't know the terminology) is the part that needs repair. I have links to the pictures below to show you what I mean:

Ok, so the part that is in most of the pictures, came out of the big pipe beneath my sink. One day I just pushed in my stopper at the top of the bathroom sink, and noticed the stopper wouldn't come back up. I then physically pulled it up, softly, and I heard something fall beneath my sink. I have used this stopper before, and it used to work fine. So I need to either seal up the hole it came out from (if that is possible), or put it back in, or buy new parts.

In the second picture, I am showing you how it fits to the pipe. The thing is, it does not screw into the pipe. It looks like it was just held on by some sealant. Is that normal? I thought it would screw into the pipe for sealing reasons, but this one just looks like it is meant to be glued on or something (I tried fitting it in every which way, and it looks like it just sticks on the outside). It definitely does not screw into the pipe, maybe it can be hammered back in, I don't know.

Is there any way to just put it back in? Or do I need to buy new parts? If I do need to buy new parts, can you just briefly tell me what I need? Thanks. I'm decent at doing things myself, just need to know what to do:) Take care and thanks in advance:)

oh'mike 05-29-2011 03:23 PM

That 'pop up drain set' is done--kabut--finished.

Go to the Depot --spend $15-- or so and buy a new pop up drain set,(brass)And a tub of plumbers putty--$1-
and a roll of teflon tape--

Simple to change with a pair of Channel lock pliers.---Mike---

amodoko 05-30-2011 06:10 AM

Thanks for the help bud:) Installed it, did have some issues with some leaks but think it should be good now. Just have to check it over the next few days to see if there are any new leaks. It was a fun little project for me, thanks again!

Just Bill 05-30-2011 06:45 AM

There is usually a curved washer that fits on the plastic arm between the nut and the white part, don't see that in the pic.

Did you use plumbers putty on the top nut of the new pop-up?? And I usually put some on the threads below where the large gasket fits.

amodoko 05-30-2011 03:54 PM

I did use plumbers putty up top, and the pop up set I bought was the pvc type. It was $11 vs the standard chrome one that was $8. I figured the pvc one was more expensive since it won't ever corrode, but I didn't know what the protocol was for using teflon tape on that. Anyways, I did use teflon tape on it anyways the second time through, and it worked better. I Actually think the main problem the first time was that the rubber washer that came with my set that attaches directly under the sink near the big nut, was just barely the right size. It was slightly unaligned, I believe, the first time and was allowing water to escape. The second time through, I also put teflon tape on the p-trap (it is either pvc or plastic), which made it worse, so I removed the teflon tape from that part. It seems to be okay now, I had to tighten the nuts on the p-trap pretty tight to avoid leaks (by hand though, the nuts were the ones you tighten by hand) and so far it has been one day and no drops. Will check it over the next couple days to be sure:)

DannyT 05-31-2011 05:24 PM

that piece was originally soldered to the drain pipe. it would prob be easier to just replace the drain. you could try epoxy to reattatch it. or try resoldering. would be easier to resolder with the drain removed but if you do that you might as well insdtall a new one.

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