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dandw12786 07-11-2010 11:36 AM

Bathroom Plumbing Rough-In
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Hey everyone,
I just bought a house a year ago with an unfinished basement. Haven't started the basement yet due to more pressing issues outside (needed a fence and deck). I'm getting around to planning the basement now, and it seems everything needs to be planned around the bathroom. The rough-in was placed in the center of the basement. I haven't done a whole lot of work with construction of any sort but I want to learn, and this is my first house. I did our fence myself and installed a kitchen island a few weeks ago, along with some basic electrical wiring around here, so i've picked up on some of it pretty quick, but no plumbing yet. I have a picture of my bathroom rough-in.

Would just like to know exactly what everything is. I'm assuming the short black pipe coming out of the floor is for the toilet, and the hole in the floor is where the shower will drain. There's no pipe in that hole yet, but its boxed in with 2x4 studs.

Thanks for your help!!!

Mike Swearingen 07-12-2010 12:04 AM

Appears to be all ABS black plastic drain/waste/vent lines, so you need ABS fittings and the proper ABS "glue" to connect the drains to the fixtures.
You should have a 3" toilet drain in the floor that should be centered at least 12" out from a finished wall in order for most toilets to fit properly. The toilet flange should be installed on top of the finished floor level and securely attached to it (Tapcons are one way for a concrete floor) with only the thickness of the leveled flange above finished floor level. This is to properly seat and seal the toilet onto the flange with a standard wax ring. Toilets have built-in traps, so you only have to connect the flange to the drain line and to the top of the finshed floor and then the toilet to the flange.
The tub/shower drain should be 2" (there may be a capped drain line down under the dirt or gravel in the 2X4 box, or there may be a capped trap. If no trap, you will have to install one at the proper height.
The vanity sink drain should be a 1.5" drain line inside a wall. The sink also should drain through a trap. You will need a 1.25"-to-1.5" adapter to connect the sink drain to the 1.5" in the wall.
All of these lines should already be properly vented.
Good Luck!

dave53 07-12-2010 05:13 PM

There should be a pipe somewhere under that 2x4 box. A shower requires a p-trap that should have been roughed in. Otherwise, you'd need to dig out a decent sized area to connect a trap to the roughed-in drain pipe.

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