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adthern 11-28-2010 04:31 PM

bathroom plumbing issues

My issue is this, the tub downspout is right up against a joist, normally I would notch the joist but this particular joist has been notched to death previosuly (not by me). in one spot the joist is about 80% notch. I spent alot of time reinforcing and supporting hte joist so Im confident its ok as is now, but I dont want to put more weak points in it.

So, back to the tub, the brass downspout has a pvc connector that screws on, then pvc p trap glued to the connector. To dismantle it, I have to cut away the whole p trap because it wont turn to un screw.

Now, My question--would it be horrible to use a 22 1/2 to offset the p trap just enough to be able to turn it. OR rather than use a "p trap" could I make a p trap out of straight pipe?

\ __

something like that?

Thanks Adam

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