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wombosi 11-04-2008 07:34 PM

bathroom issues, renovating DIY help
So, I'm renovating the upstairs of my house to get it prepped for rental.

The bathroom hasn't been touched in years. Clawfoot tub (OK condition), old beast of a toilet that I need to replace because of broken hardware beyond repair, and a corner sink in poor condition.

I also want to install a bathroom fan/vent.

The bathroom also needs to be rewired with at least one more outlet and a GFI.

All this is much easier done while gutted, eh?

The plumbing is all exposed in the room and looks like ****.

I'm leaning more and more toward gutting.

1) how big a deal would it be to yank out the tub, toilet and sink, and get all the plumbing in the walls and/or under the floor? i wish i knew how to freaking plumb!

the room is only like 7X8, so the exposed plumbing makes it all the tighter.

2) if i leave the plumbing in place, what do i need to know to be able to pop in a new toilet? is it assumed that any new toilet would fit into the existing plumbing and its location?

2a) if plumbing left in place, can i simply pop in a new corner sink, or would i have to worry about the old plumbing not lining up with the new sink?

this is a rental after all, but right now the bathroom is in such crummy shape that i personally would not want to rent the space.
i'm going to great lengths to make the rest of it nice (stripped all the wallpaper, doing detailed things like stripping the window pulls and hinges, etc...), so i don't wan't to have the "it's just a rental" mentality. i want to be able to charge top rent.

with that being said, i'm totally running out of money, and do gut essentially gut the bathroom at this point would be a big strain.

any thoughts?

cheap ass alternative:
pick up a free toilet somewhere, bung it in.
forget about the crappy looking sink and replace the fixtures, in hopes that the H would have some pressure (currently a faint trickle, while the cold blasts; both H and C in the tub are good pressure).



MikeVila 11-04-2008 10:06 PM

Personally I would gut it being that small of an area. All the things you want to do would be so much easier starting from scratch. Even being a rental I still would.

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