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bountyhunter 02-11-2005 10:41 AM

Bath rough in distance
What is the standard rough in distance for a bath tub drain from the wall? This will be in a basement floor, so I would like to get it right beings it will be in concrete.


MinConst 02-11-2005 12:38 PM

Your best to get the rough in from the tub or shower you plan on using. Standards are at times deceiving.

bountyhunter 02-11-2005 12:41 PM

tub distance
Thanks for the info. Is it ok to leave a 16"x16" blockout in the concrete there to allow for the drain to be moved to the exact location when I do get the tub? Of course I will have the 2" drain line under the concrete, but then the trap can be rotated to fit the tub drain.

MinConst 02-11-2005 05:41 PM

I would recommend a 3" drain for the shower. You are running a 3" for the toilet anyways right? As for leaving the 16" x 16" block out that should be fine. Depending on your inspector. When you run all this plumbing under you should also add a back flow valve to the system. It is code in some places and just good practice anyway. It will stop backups that start outside, from ruining your work.

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