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d&g 07-30-2007 09:18 AM

basement plumbing
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I am starting to install a bathroom in my basement. I am planning to break out concrete to run all the drain lines. I cant build up a false floor cause i lose way to much head room. does the diagram look right for what i am doing. i have little plumbing experiance. but am good in most other fields. does there need to be a vent line between the shower and the tiolet? best i could do there is tie that vent line if needed into a drain line that is up on the side of the basement wall. it would be a wet vent . and is the auto vent under the sink ok?

jogr 07-30-2007 03:57 PM

I am not a plumber so verify what I'm saying.

Your sewage ejector basin needs to be vented. You'll need to find a way to run this vent up through your roof or tie it into an existing vent. The existing vent needs to be large enough to handle the rather large venting needs of a sewage pump so your probably looking for a 3" vent. You can tie your vanity and shower vents back into the sewage basin vent line at a point above the highest water level for the fixture. So if the top of the vanity basin is 34" high then your vanity vent should tie into the sewage basin vent above 34". The vent lines need to slope upward toward the vent.

For the vanity use a sanitary T. Vent out the top of the fitting, drain out the bottom and the p trap enters the side of the fitting. Run this vent up inside the wall and bring it out into a small soffitt over the vanity. Run the vent horizontally along the wall within the soffit to the closet that the sewage ejector pump is in and connect with the vent there.

I'm not a fan of studor vents but if your local codes allow it they usually work. I would tie a conventional vent in to the sewage basin vent since it looks like no problem.

Local inspectors usually don't mind educating a homeowner as to the right way to do things (within reason). Give em a call.

RippySkippy 07-31-2007 06:15 AM


Originally Posted by jogr (Post 55322)
...Local inspectors usually don't mind educating a homeowner as to the right way to do things (within reason). Give em a call.

That's great least the BI in our area at like this. They are less friendly if you put it in, it's wrong and you fight them because you "think" it's right. Just ask the BI when you have a chance, they have great stories.

FWIW -- My ejector pit is vented with 2" PVC. What size vent are you planning between the vanity and stool? When I did my house, a 2" vent with-in 6' of the stool passes inspection. With out seeing actual dimensions, you have a vent on each side easily with-in 6', it should be fine.

Which direction does your floor joist above run, that may change which direction you run your vents.

d&g 07-31-2007 11:32 AM

i was planning to vent the pump with two inch. and the tiolet will drain with 3 inch. everything else i will use 2 inch for. everything is with in about 8 foot of each other. the shower being closer to the tiolet. and the floor joists, by looking at the picture. they would run up and down the page. i was going to put a studor vent at the sink. 2 inch. and didnt know if i should vent between the shower and tiolet or not?

RippySkippy 07-31-2007 11:41 AM


Originally Posted by d&g (Post 55482)
...didnt know if i should vent between the shower and tiolet or not?

If you have the space, I would think it would be a good idea.

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