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drh 09-16-2008 12:35 PM

Basement drain P-Trap collecting waste?
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About 6 months ago we had hired a plumber to do some drain work in our basement, installing PVC to replace some deteriorating clay piping which had been leaking. Lately, I'm noticing one of the drain traps seems to be collecting remnants of waste (causing a bit of a smell).

I've attached several pictures I took after the work was done, before it was closed up, and I've circled the trap in question. The opposite trap is fine. If I flush the trap with fresh water, it stays clean for approximately 1-2 weeks before a small odor reappears. The drains tie into an existing interior weeper system which probably isn't needed here since the ground is very dry in this area - also why the primers were attached.

The primer tied into this trap is not currently hooked up. I'm wondering whether hooking up this primer will correct the issue? Wonder if by looking at the picture, anyone could diagnose the issue here before I call back the plumber? Perhaps just sealing up the smelly p-trap could be the solution?

Many thanks!

Termite 09-17-2008 11:37 PM

I've been staring at those pictures trying to figure out what on earth that guy did, and I'll be honest. I can't. :no:

Please elaborate on what's going on here. What is being connected to what, and what is being drained? What are the vertical pipes draining? Interior weeping system? Is this sanitary sewer from plumbing fixtures in the house? Was there a permit pulled and did any inspections occur?

jogr 09-19-2008 02:52 PM

Definitely hook up the primers. Your floor drain has a p trap to prevent odors from coming in from your sanitary sewer and the primers will keep them full. However, from the picture it looks like the y on the problematic p trap slopes slightly down toward the p trap. You might be getting some waste backflowing into the p trap causing the smell.

Hooking the perimeter drain to the sanitary drain wouldn't be allowed in most places. Your perimeter drain line is open to your floor drain so there is nothing to stop odors (or radon if present in your area) from entering your basement from the ground. So it's possible the odor is from your interior perimeter drain - but if it goes away when you fill the trap then that is unlikely.

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