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coyotewaits 01-07-2009 09:53 PM

Basement bathroom shower drain conversion
I live in an old(circa 1945 or 46) home with an unused shower off of the basement utility room. I would like to use the shower drain for a half bath toilet. We are connected to the city sewer system at the front of the house and this area is at the rear. It would be under the kitchen area and near a soil stack also. I'm assuming the drain bowl has to be jack hammered out and replaced with a (toilet) drain? If anyone can give me some pointers to minimize the stress factor, I'd appreciate it. I'll be sending my wife on a weekend trip with her sister or something to reduce the distraction factor. You can't put a price on the look on her face, everytime I say "SURPRISE HONEY!!!"

Mike Swearingen 01-08-2009 01:17 AM

You can't use any of the old shower drain line for a toilet (too small). You need to cut or jackhammer out for an entire new line to the main soil stack. There are distance restrictions (venting).
You will need a permit, so contact your local Building Inspection Department for local code, permit and inspection information.
You may want to consider placing the new toilet location near the shower drain (and save the shower drain) in case you or a future owner wants a basement shower bath with toilet and sink.
Good Luck!

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