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pmacedo 12-26-2007 07:55 AM

Baseboard vents (hygroscopic valves)
Can anyone recommend an automatic vent such as the ones here?

I want to put some into my baseboard heaters and was particularly looking for some that didn't require pipe cutting/re soldering. I am not sure if they exist, but I had spoken to a plumber that worked on my heat earlier this month and he said that he had some that just required you to drill a hole into the pipe and attach something. Any ideas what this might be? If it is as easy as he makes it out to be I might as well do it myself. Would also be good to know if the valve he's suggesting is a bad idea.

Any thoughts?

bigMikeB 12-26-2007 03:28 PM

Yeah, they are a bad idea. If there aren't air vents there now, you probably just need to purge out the baseboard loop properly. The only non thread or solder valves would be tap a line valves that are code approved anywhere that I know of.

Marlin 12-26-2007 03:54 PM

Some kind of saddle valve I've never heard of. Many homes have been flooded by saddle valves, it's not a good idea.

bigMikeB 12-26-2007 04:21 PM

I've seen people do it too often but then again I was there after the blow out always on over time call outs ($$$).

pmacedo 12-26-2007 11:49 PM

So... I shouldn't let him put those valves in then? Would it be a good idea to have someone other than this one guy be my plumber for this project if he is suggesting the drill in option?

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