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krgoks 11-29-2007 09:09 PM

Ball Valve Trouble
I'm rennovating my bathroom and needed to redo the plumbing. I went with copper for the supply line even though I never worked with it before. I started by adding 2 shut-off valves (each with a 'bleeder cap' or a drain & waste cap), and from there, I ran a line to where the sink, toilet, and showerhead (no tub) will be when I'm finished. For now I but caps on the end of each of these new supply lines with exception to the showerhead because it can be shut off at the control.

Eager to test the system for leaks, I turned on a valve. Immediately water squirts out from the bleeder cap(?) which has a small hole in it. I realize that there is air trapped in the pipes, which I released by turning the shower on, but still the water shoots out of the bleeder cap(?).

What's happening? Did I install the ball valves incorrectly?

I'm hoping I don't have to wait till I have the floor tiled and fixtures installed before properly checking all of my joints because it will make it ten times more difficult to repair.

Thanks for your time. - Kenneth

skymaster 11-29-2007 09:20 PM

As long as there is water on the bleeder cap side, and there is no other valve to shut off the water there water will ALWAYS come out. That is what it is for. It is a drain for the line :}:} That said the bleeder should be on the supply to the fixture side. This way you can isolate the sink,toilet stops and drain their lines without turning off the entire house and draining the entire system

krgoks 11-29-2007 09:43 PM

So if water is being supplied into the bathroom through this valve, it will continuously bleed (leak) because there will always be water on the fixture side? Is there no way to keep the water from coming out of the bleeder cap?

I got the valve for it's abilty to drain the bathroom if it needs redone without shutting off the water to the entire house. I thought the cap did nothing unless unscrewed, which allowed the water to drain. Did I buy the wrong valve for my application?

Marlin 11-30-2007 05:19 AM

The valve shouldn't do anything unless unscrewed. Those bleeder valves are also next to worthless. Five years from now when you actually start having problems they won't work anymore.

cjett 11-30-2007 08:55 AM

Did you leave the caps on when you applied heat to the valve? If so you may have melted the rubber gasket in the bleeder cap. Might have to buy two more valves to get the caps.

scorrpio 11-30-2007 09:28 AM

Normally, when you want to service a fixture, you need not only turn off the isolation valve, but also remove water between valve and fixture. Sometimes, this is done by turning off the main, and then opening all the faucets so that lowest (basement) faucet drains water left in the pipes while other faucets act as vents. Then, you shut the isolation valve and turn the main back on.
A waste/drain valve makes things easier: the drain is on fixture side, so after the valve is shut off, unscrewing the cap and opening the fixture allows water to drain.
When the cap is fully screwed on, no water should be leaking.

The cap has a small rubber gasket inside it that can melt from excessive heat. Because of this, his cap should be fully removed before you sweat the valve. If gasket is damaged, the cap needs to be replaced. When sweating gate or globe valves, I usually remove entire valve piston assembly, and reassemble after sweating. Ball valves emply a teflon seal which is not as likely to melt, but I always wrap a ball valve body with a wet rag when sweating. to wyck off excess heat.

The good news is that waste/drain cap size is standard across different valve types, meaning you should be able to buy a pair of cheaper globe valves and use caps from them, as opposed. I think you might also be able to buy the caps separately.

krgoks 11-30-2007 01:56 PM

Thanks guys for your quick feedback. Turns out the two ball valves I bought didn't have the rubber gaskets; had no idea that they were missing. Told the store that they were missing and they gave me the gaskets from the another valve. The employee put the two incomplete valves back in the box, so watch out. Appeciate the help. -Kenneth

scorrpio 12-01-2007 12:29 AM

Looks like someone before you melted HIS gaskets. :laughing:

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