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perpetual98 01-28-2008 02:19 PM

Bad taste when softener cycles
We're pretty new to this whole home ownership thing, but I've noticed that when our water softener cycles in the early morning that our water is less than desirable during/shortly after that period of time. Most of the time the water just tastes hard, which I can live with, but the other day I woke up to grab a drink of water from the tap and I almost gagged it was so nasty. I guess I could describe it as salty, but more nasty than anything.

Does this sound right? I really don't know much about it besides I keep my "bin" full of salt. When we bought the house a few months ago there was no mention of whether or not it's our softener or a rental. I guess I could check it for stickers.

Mike Swearingen 01-28-2008 03:45 PM

I highly doubt that it's a rental, or you would have heard from the water softener company by now.
Whenever a water softener regenerates, it automatically goes on bypass, which means that your regular unsoftened untreated water, whatever the source, goes directly into your water lines if anyone or anything runs any water whatsoever during the regeneration cycle.
This could be anything from an automatic icemaker coming on, to running a faucet for a drink, to flushing a toilet, etc. during regeneration. Flushing a toilet would bring anywhere from 1.6 gallons to 3-5 gallons of untreated water into your lines for instance.
It would be normal for that kind of bypass water to be very slightly "salty" and have whatever taste/odor that the water softener system may be removing.
To help alleviate this from happening, you can set the softener to regenerate when you're not likely to be awake, say 2 a.m., and decrease the number of times that the system regenerates itself.
Another way to prevent it is to simply NOT run any water during regeneration, and turn off your icemaker on regeneration nights with a flip of its on-off lever.
You can have the water tested as you go, to help you adjust it.
Good Luck!

perpetual98 01-28-2008 04:30 PM

Good points. I think I was overthinking it. I'll check the timer and run it earlier in the night I think. We don't have an icemaker either. :)

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