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Backyard drainage problem

My sump pump works fine. My neighbors are lazy and they have their gutters handing from their house draining right onto the ground at the base of their house. They decided to finally fix them because their house is starting to take on water, go figure. Turns out they found another black flex tube coming from my yard broken off leading to their foundation. They want me to clog the tube so the water (if any that comes out) would not contribute to their leaking basement. I have no clue if this tube is even "working" or even if it is collecting water in my yard to drain out the front of my house. Should i just fix the tube where its broken and call it a day. Or somehow find and figure out where this tube comes from and what its purpose is? And how can i go about doing that without digging up my entire backyard?


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How do you know that the black flex tube isn't coming from their foundation into your backyard and not the reverse?
It wouldn't make sense to me for someone to run a gutter drainline from their house over to the foundation of another.
My guess is that it is coming from their foundation/gutter system into your backyard and/or to a dry well to absorb the excess water, unless you're both on a public storm drain system and it's tied into that.


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Don't dig up your yard.

Since you don't know what the tube is for and also there is no socially redeeming value in your pouring water onto their foundation, you can let the neighbors investigate where the tube goes and then do whatever they want with it.

Ideally they should leave the black tube in place open to the surface (add an elbow if needed) for a little while and observe to see if water comes out.
The good conscientious technician or serviceperson will carry extra oils and lubricants in case the new pump did not come with oil or the oil was accidentally spilled, so the service call can be completed without an extra visit.

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Without pointing any fingers, there is a way to determine #1 if the tube is or is not in use and#2 where it goes/ connects too. You need a small squirrel cage blower fan and a few of those hissing smoke bomb fireworks. Put the fan output directly into the pipe and seal around the pipe opening. Set off the smoke bombs one at a time at the intake to the squirrel cage blower. In all you should need about 3 minutes of heavy intense smoke. You can find breaks in the pipe in the ground, open pipe ends in homes or slab floors and you can even find your septic tank if you have one. We used to do this when people complained of sewer gas in their homes. You pressurize the smoke in the pipe just enough so that any opening other than where you are putting the smoke in will start putting out a slow soft white or gray cloud.
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