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billvasko 02-06-2008 12:38 PM

Backed up basement floor drain
About 2 months ago, I had a busted pipe outside leading to my septic tank. I had it fixed, but since then, we've had 2 heavy rains, and both times water has backed up out of the basement floor drain, flooding the basement. I thought maybe something had gotten stuck, but when I poked around, old black sewage sludge came up out of the trap. The water receded very slowly after it stopped raining--except for this time it didn't recede at all. I was worried the problem was related to fixing the septic pipe.

When I fixed the sewer pipe, I patched the hole where the pipe entered the tile septic tank with concrete. It wasn't completely enclosed before I fixed the pipe. But I figured I needed to enclose it because I was getting backflow when I flushed. Now that it is enclosed, there's no where for extra water to seep out when it rains heavily causing the water to back up into the basement drain. Am I correct in this assumption? If so, what do I need to do to correct it? Does it mean my septic needs emptied? Or do I need some type of back-up valve installed. Or is there something else going on?

What's the best way to determine if the floor drain is connected to the sewer? By the way, this house was built in 1953.

billvasko 02-06-2008 12:42 PM

Wanted to add:

All of my outside drains are flowing freely, tho there was a buildup of black sludge beneath one of the outflows--the same kind of sludge that I keep disturbing when I try to snake the floor drain (which I am not having any success at getting the snake thru the bend of the trap in the drain). This is also the same sludge that was in he soil around the septic when I fixed the busted pipe. So, I am thinking since I can't find any connection between the septic and the floor drain, that maybe there is a drainage system around the foundation and this sludge has crept into the floor drain from there?

billvasko 02-06-2008 01:09 PM

Well Roto-Rooter just left,and the drain is unclogged. The drain was connected to drainage to all of the sinks and tub, which all drain beneath the basement floor, separate from the septic. The main drain was blocked just after the kitchen sink drain area and just before the area where all of the water drains from beneath the floor to the outside ditch. The guy thought that grease was the issue and that all of the black sludge was grease.

Here's the thing tho--I asked him where all the water came from? He thought the sinks and tub, but there was way too much water for that. Could all of my subfloor drainage be tied in to a drainage system around the rear foundation of my house? I live at the base of the hill, and some of the drains that flow to the front and out into the ditch always have running water, which leads me to believe that there is a spring at the back of my house. And all of the water backed up because of last nights heavy rain which had nowhere to go because of the blockage? And some of the black sludge could be coming from the surrounding soil from when the septic pipe was broken. Does this make any type of sense? I'm just trying to figure out what all I've got going on in this old house.

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