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AquaPEX purchase and installation by homeowner

I have seen several posting where the members of this forum have spoken about installing AquaPEX plumbing. My question is whether you guys are contractors or not. I am looking seriously at installing some AquaPEX lines in my home, but the couple of local companies that sell the stuff have told me that I need to be certified and be a licensed contractor. I have tried to explain that homeowners don't have to be contractors to work on their own homes, but that seems to go in one ear and out the other. Also, the Wirsbo site talks about training, but only for contractors. So, how am I supposed to get around all of this red tape. One final thing. I see that most new homes have this type of tubing installed. How are homeowners supposed to fix these installations?

Thanks for your help.


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Try a big box store they may not carry that brand but there are others they may even have a Saturday class to give you pointers. You'll be as good as any plumber in no time.


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I believe your observations about aqua-pex are right on...wirsbo has gone to great lengths to segregate their product from the home-owners and DIY'ers.

I had access to an expander tool, but chose to use DuraPex from Menards with the copper crimp rings. I wanted to have access to fittings and supplies with out the hassle, and from what I can tell, it looks like it will be a good system. Other than the crimping/clamping your research I think you'll find that pex is pex, and it's the subtle differences in fittings and tools that seperates the different companies. Be careful when buying pipe/tools/fittings not all pipe has the same wall thickness and all items may not be compatable across brands.

Google Sioux Chief, they have wide assortment of fittings and tools.

Good luck!
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I agree with the first response go to one of the box stores and ask some questions.I put pex in on my owne throughout my house.I was going to break down and buy the expander/crimper but I was shown to quick conect fittings and how they work at the store so I bougt a few tried them out for a month in the coldest month and they worked great so I did the whole house in it.No one told me I had to be a contractor to install it good thing I wouldnt have listened to them also you will get some excelent advise on here if you run into any problems
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i bought shark bites at the Home Depot to connect some pex to copper..

they work great... a bit expensive..but when yoiu only need 3 or's a lot cheaper than buying the crimping tool.

...and darn right inexpensive when you don't have to pay the plumber
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Originally Posted by johns View Post
...I have tried to explain that homeowners don't have to be contractors to work on their own homes, but that seems to go in one ear and out the other....
Technically (at least here in Massachusetts), ANY plumbing done in any home requires a permit and inspection with the exception of simple repairs. If you install a new faucet on a sink, you are technically supposed to pull a permit, which homeowners cannot do...only licensed plumbers.


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