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anything else besides Delta?

We are fixing up our house to move into and of course this includes new faucets. I ask my brother who is a plumber about Moen and I get a lecture about how Delta is the most affordable to repair and the parts are readily available. He strongly suggests using his favorite brand.

Does he seem a little up tight or is this the only good quality brand out there?


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I am not a plumber but I have use Many Moen faucets and have always thought they were a good product. A friend that has been a plumber for about 25 years turned me on to Moen. I have replace many cartages on old shower valves for friend family and a couple general handyman thing. I do have the heavy duty type puller for there cartages and am familiar with them. This is what is probably making them my past preference. I am assuming there are similar reasons your brother likes delta he is familiar with there products and repair. If your brother is doing the install or if you will be looking for him to help on repairs. I would recommend going with Delta. I think this is like cars and truck some like Ford some Like Chevy others like the Mopar. there is nothing really all that much better with any of them but people definitely can be divided on what the like or perceive as "The Best" or "easiest to fix"


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Ther are a number of good faucets out there, but I have had Delta's only in my home since we built it more than 30 years ago, and I stay with them. Your call.
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I am not a pro, but as a homeowner I have experience with both Delta and Moen. Deltas are, in my opinion, kind of a cheap design. It is true that they are fairly easy and cheap to fix, which is a good thing because they do require new gaskets every few years.

Moen, on the other hand, is even cheaper to fix. You see, all Moen products come with a lifetime warranty on everything, which includes leaks. So, if you should need any new parts, you can just call Moen and they will send out whatever you need for free. In addition to this warranty, their products rarely fail. I think their design is better.

I'm sure you can find the warranty info on Moen's website. I got a copy of it with the kitchen sink I recently installed in my house (which replaced a Delta). I think their warranty covers all faucets made since 1986 or so. I don't know if Delta has a similar warranty or not.
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I have to agree with pweller, Ive had Moen for years with no problem as yet but they are known for their lifetime warranty. I read and follow some 30 DIY and Mercedes forums, (I have no life!!!) and read a reply on a thread a few days ago where the customer called Moen for parts and was told they no longer had the parts for his faucet so they promptly sent him a whole new faucet. That seems like a good warranty to me.
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Delta is basically the low end faucet, sold at Home Centers. User friendly to repair with parts easily available. With a wide range of styles, it is easy to see why so many people buy them. When you get into Moen, Price Phister and Crane, you are going to pay more in the beginning. Moen's guarantee is hard to beat. If you want to do an easy check on quality, just hold a Delta faucet in one hand and a similar Moen in the other and see how much more the Moen weighs. Solidly built. This being said, I have been doing Plumbing for over 30 years and have all Delta faucets in my home.
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I go for looks and then brand. It's like the difference between Ford and Chevy. All personal opinion. In my experience I see no difference in most of the common big box brands.

My wife buys for our homes and I install them. Most of the time I have no idea what brand I am installing because I don't care. As long as they do what they were supposed to do, which is to control the flow of water, I am happy.

Come to think of it I only have a few preferences for brands. One is Apple computer's, partial to Nikon cameras since I have a lot of their lenses already, the other is the brand of guns I buy (depending on the type). That's about it I guess.
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I like Kohler. They can get pricey, but I don't plan on replacing them, at least not in this life time.
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I think if it is the style and price you want to pay and a known brand then get it.


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