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gante 06-07-2010 03:36 AM

Anoying sound in house water pipes when sprinklers are ON
Hi all,

I am very furstrated with this anoying sound of water running through my pipes all over the house when the sprinklers turn on. I would try to describe this the best I can.

There is a loud sound of water running through my water pipes all over the house. This anoying sound seems to be worst around the two restrooms which are back to back (one in hall way and one in a room). This sounds seems to be louder with 2 out of 4 sprinkler valves. I hear the sound of metal pipes heating each other (I think I can fix that myself by securing them better). The most anoying problem is this other noise that sounds as if the pipes are..."not completely fill as if they are carrying air". It is difficult to describe this sound.

The worst part is that the valves to the sprinklers are tapped very close to the main line coming into the house... so I assume that when the sprinklers are on, there should not be any water running through the rest of the pipes on the house.

I have had this sprinklers for a couple of months now and I have lived in this older house for about a year. All the pipes are copper and not that old. This were inspected when I purchased the house and even after by a plummer when I had some work done.

Has anyone have experience the same problem? Any ideas how this can be resolved or what should I look for under the house with the pipes that my be a possible cause of this sound?

Thank you

AllanJ 06-07-2010 06:04 AM

You must have a master shutoff valve for the sprinkler system. This may be partly clogged with sediment, not be open all the way, or have a loose washer.

Or a crushed pipe somewhere along the line.

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