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emperor_black 07-27-2009 02:22 PM

Another "Kitchen faucet replacement" thread! :)
ok, me and wifey spent nearly an hour evaluating which faucet to get and finally decided to get a $200+ faucet. (yikes!). Once I got home and started watching (and reading) all the kitchen faucet removal videos, they all say "Make sure your new faucet will fit". Gasp! Later on, I checked and I think it will fit.

now, removal of the old faucet seems to be more involved than portrayed in those videos. lol, obviously! When I look under my kitchen sick, all I see if a big blob of rust where the faucet sits. I dont see a nut or washer or anything that I can use a basin wrench to loosen. What could be hiding under the rust? Could the faucet be screwed on from the top? I can see the two hot and cold supply lines coming out of the rust. Any help is appreciated.


Mike Swearingen 07-27-2009 04:02 PM

There will be nuts and washers under that rust. My guess is that you may be better off cutting the nuts with a hacksaw blade instead of trying to get thme off with a basin wrench. Or you might try spraying them with WD-40 or another solvent, and wire brushing the rust off to reveal the nuts.
Wear safety glasses to keep stuff out of your eyes.
Good Luck!

Thurman 07-27-2009 07:23 PM

emperor_black- -Take this from experience: Look under the sink and see how the sink itself is attached to the countertop. If you can remove the sink easily enough, after disconnecting the water supply lines, and after disconnecting the drain lines, then remove the whole sink along with the faucet assembly. Then you can easily get to those old rusted (probably the tin type nuts) parts. I assure you that there have been many times I have gotten this job done sooner by removing the entire sink assembly just to replace an older faucet with rusted parts. Remember to re-rim (seal) the sink before re-installing. Good Luck, David

emperor_black 07-27-2009 10:44 PM

Hi Mike, Thanks for the tip. I was going to wait until tomorrow to get some "penetrating oil", but have WD-40 ready at hand. If the latter's gonna work, I dont need to buy the oil. Not even sure if its available in home depot.

Thurman, The sink is held by small tiles. So, taking the sink out means, breaking the small tiles all around the sink and removing. I dont think I want to remove the sink now. Once I make enough money to replace our tile countertops with granite, I'll let them do it. but thanks for the tip.

Took some pictures...there seems to be a 1/2 nut which is pretty rusted. Maybe I can twist that half nut (or whatever wd-40's gonna show) and remove the faucet?

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