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armswood 09-14-2008 05:06 PM

Ancient Plumbing---help!
I've been reading the threads and I hope you guys can advise me or at least agree with my decision...

1. Leaking cold water bathtub faucet leads to repeated washer replacement...constant running results in taking apart cold water tap..conclusion apparent crack in seat...cannot remove old seat. Turn off cold water to upstairs.

2. Sudden reduced water pressure from shower suggests diverter replacement cannot remove old crusty shower diverter knob...DiY says they have a "puller"...ok

3. Leaking through ceiling in basement suggests hot water leak from back of tub... No access to pipes...will have cut hole through fiberglass surround and blueboard....or call plumber to replace whole .:censored:. thing :furious:...this has gone on for months of struggle trying to save money. I'm sure that my activity on the cold water side of the faucet has cracked or damaged a solder joint on the hot water side or something like that.

What do you recommend that I do?
Give up and call for help or "press on regardless"?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated. :(

Mike Swearingen 09-14-2008 09:49 PM

Go to a pro pluming supply house, not a big box or standard hardware store.
Look for new tub/shower faucet with large estucheon plated that can be installed from the tub side. The oversize estucheon plate made for the purpose will cover the enlarged hole to replace the faucet fronm the tub side.
Should solve all of your problems.
Good luck!

James Con 09-14-2008 10:48 PM

The seat can be resurfaced with a valve seat dresser if its not to pitted.
Is there any way to get at the back of the shower from the back side, like a closet or just an interior wall. If so just cut the wall open from the back side make your repair and refinish the wall or put an access door in for future repairs. Or depending on what kind of siding you have on the house you might be able to repair it from the outside of the house. I've removed vinyl siding and cut the plywood behind it to repair shower faucets. Even if you have T-111 on the outside you can take a skill saw cut the tongue off the panel, remove the panel make your fix then put the panel back, caulk and repaint or stain the seams in the T-111

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