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Snav 04-22-2010 05:05 PM

All problems have a solution (septic tank resolutions)

So, while working on the new bathroom the lag in water pressure encourage a backup in the pipeline.
In the process of clearing out the pipe I realized that my tank needed to be tanken care of (har har).
So I dug out the openings and called the guy - he came today and business is done.

He discovered a few things and told me what was going on and what needed to be fixed. He, also, told me I can do it by myself without any problems (it's obviously I'm a heavy DIYer - my pants are caked with mud and putty and I wear a toolbelt).

#1 - the tank is older than the house (40 years old) - it might not last another 5 or 10.
#2 - the tank has obviously not been cleaned in maybe 15/20 years - or even longer. A routine 15 minute job took him 30 due to the buildup.
#3 - the far baffle is almost gone, I need to replace it with two pvc T baffles and he showed me an example of what to do and located my exit pipes.
#4 - the inlet pipe (from house to tank) is ruptured and sagging. Instead of water just flushing OUT it hangs in the pipe and slowly trickles/waves/eventually comes out - but not 100%. So, obvious solution is to dig up and replace - give a proper grade and encasement for support which I can do on my own, of course.
#5 - If I install a cleanout trap along the pipeline - just before it leads under the house - it would save future troubles. Another DIY thing.

So - the funny part is what he told me the charge would be if I needed his help on this. $150.00 per PVC T baffle and $600.00 to dig out the ruptured pipe and replace. ($900.00 total barring problems).

Guffaw! $900.00 to do something that I can do in a weekend. You're kidding me! That sounds like a decent business! :laughing:

Thankfully I do my own work and this will be nothing - especially since I have the whole tank area excavated, already, and have no problems with the idea of sticking my hands in a tank.

tpolk 04-22-2010 05:12 PM

i bet the pvc replace in the tank is a pain, the other probably has machine time, grading and seed

AllanJ 04-23-2010 08:08 AM


Originally Posted by Snav (Post 432146)
... -have no problems with the idea of sticking my hands in a tank.

Some folks would rather pay the $900.

When the inlet pipe is sagging, the water will come out rapidly when water is put in the other (house side) end rapidly, unless solids have collected in the low point.

If the baffle at the outlet has been missing for a long time, then much grease may have gotten down into the leach field, degrading the performance of the latter.

Snav 04-23-2010 09:11 AM

The baffle is still there, but it has been eaten away by acid. According to him in another year or two it will be gone - better to replace sooner than later.

Problem I've realized is that I cannot reach the outlet pipes - my arms are just too short. The opening to my tank is rather small, too, and the openings are offset. I don't think I'm going to be able to do this part of it at all - purely for physical limitations. .. I'll have to have him install new pvc baffles.

However, I still can install the inlet pipe just fine - it's just a lot of digging and a cut/add in of the pipe - mortar up the opening and done.

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