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cmdaniels1986 11-04-2012 10:07 AM

air in water really frustrating please help
Hi guys

I bought a foreclosure here in forest va. The pipes were winterized. On turning on the pumps and letting water into the house... everything seemed fine. But since mo've in I have been experiencing air in the water lines. Every morning I wake up and there is air in the lines. Air seems to get better after it runs for a bit.

I not ice when I fill a cup of water it white and sounds carbonated. I have a well and a pressure tank.

My hot water heater always has steam in it. Any ideas?

I am new to plumbing.

joecaption 11-04-2012 12:12 PM

Had the water tested yet? Around here it has to be done before the bank will even lend you the money to buy it.

Air sometimes enters water pipes. This is the most common reason for bubbles in tap water. The oxygen and hydrogen in the air bonds with other water molecules, while the nitrogen and other gases form the bubbles that appear to the eye. Since this is the same air that we breathe, it has no ill health effects, and can be left to evaporate on its own. On rare occasions, other gases such as methane or radon may enter the water supply because of contamination. These, however, will often discolor the water in addition to adding bubbles. If you suspect that a poisonous gas is in your water supply, or it tests positive for such a gas, contact your local water company immediately.

A leaking suction line any place from the well to the pump is also a likly cause.

cmdaniels1986 11-13-2012 01:43 PM


I found the issue. I had a culligan Iron Cleer system that was not installed properly. I replumbed the softener's correctly and this fixed the issue. Thanks for your help!

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