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Air Lock in hot water line?

This evening, I had just flushed the toilet and it was still filling. I opened the hot water tap in the bathroom, and heard a thump in the line. Right after that, the hot water flow slowed to a trickle. Since then, no matter where I turn the hot water on, I get an initial brief spurt, but then the flow slows down to almost nothing. My son thinks the dip tube broke in the hot water heater, but that wouldn't explain the slow flow. I went down and checked the heater. All seems in order, and no leaks. Could it be an air lock somewhere in the line?


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Originally Posted by tqwood View Post
... I went down and "checked" the heater. All seems in order, and no leaks.

How did you check it?

you may have debris in the line.

Check the closest vale near the hot water tank and see if you have full pressure.

Do you live in an area that has cold temps? pipe frozen?


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It's fine this morning

It's fine this morning, so I think it's time to flush the tank. Some debris probably temporarily blocked the outflow from the water heater. Our temperatures haven't been cold enough to freeze any pipes, and my basement is heated, so in the fifteen years I've lived here, that has never been a problem. However, we do have hard water, so the debris theory is the first one we'll address. Thank you for your reply.
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Hot water faucet pipe thumps then flow slows down.


I got my hot water heater replaced a year ago. Just lately my 2nd floor bath sink faucet pipe in the wall started thumping then the faucet flow slows down after the hot water is on for 30 seconds or so. After that the pipe thumps and the faucet flow slows down quicker if the flow is turned high and the water is already warm/hot. It sounds like the thumping is in the wall, probably before one of the angle joints a few feet before the pipe comes out of the wall.

The second floor bath tub doesn't thump at all but the flow did slow down after the hot water tank was first replaced. Since then its pressure has been reduced.

All the other faucets in the house Hot/Cold are fine, no pipes thumping or reduced water flow.

I believe that during or after the plumber replaced the tank some of the accumulated sentiment that had hardened on the wall of the pipes or in the old tank broke loose and made its way to the second floor pipes here it has gotten stuck.

Any ideas on how I can dissolve the mass?

Any ideas on what type of probe I should use to put down the hot water pipe?

Because it seams the mass got stuck befor the 90 degree joint in the wall before the faucet's flexible tubing, I don't believe that removing the tubing and flushing the pipes would work.

I think it would also be hard to put a snake down the pipe because of the pipes diameter and the 90 degree joints.

Do you agree with me or not?

Do you have any Suggestions?

What process would you suggest I try, easiest to hardest and/or less to more expensive?


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