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lightwolf 11-30-2011 04:59 PM

Advice needed: Replace corroded fitting to well pipe?

I need to replace the pressure tank in our well system. Overall, this is within my skillset but I do have a question. The fitting from the well pipe (black, thick walled flexible pipe) to the galvanized steel piping inside is heavily corroded. I presume it is a steel barbed fitting (it is secured with worm-screw type clamps), but don't know for sure. The installation is 38 years old (original to house). Can I expect the well pipe to be flexible enough for me to work this fitting out, and if so, will it be able to seal around a new brass fitting? I really don't want to split or break off part of the well pipe. There is about 4" of the well pipe above the cement where it comes in the house (this includes the part attached to the fitting).

I'm thinking about this because, first, I'm installing a larger tank in place of the current one (44gal vs. 20 gal) to reduce the strain on the pump. Even before the tank went bad it was cycling more frequently than I would like. The tank is a tight fit with the current plumbing, which is all galvanized steel except for the brass T fitting at the tank. I need to remove some of it anyway to put in a new T (I current one looks corroded) and more of it if I put in a check valve (now required). Ideally I'd like to replace it all with copper (& brass where needed) as with our hard water galvanized tends to foul up and it would make routing pipe for the new tank easier. I would like to replace the well pipe fitting just to have a nice clean install, and all that corrosion worries me.

However, I don't want to blow it by taking things apart back to this corroded fitting when I should just leave it alone.

What is your advice?

Thanks in advance,


ben's plumbing 11-30-2011 07:02 PM

hey guy... yes i would take old galvinized fitting out and put brass......just loosen clamp heat up pipe alittle wiggle out .....heat up pipe again and install new barbed fitting tighten clamp. good to go..ben

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