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advice on gas water pump

looking at water pumps (gas) online and there are quite a few to choose from - anyone have any tips or preferences to share - would be much appreciated

basically need to fill a couple of underground cisterns from the lake - something reasonably portable (even if I have to bolt it to a utility cart, etc.) - the plan is to take it down to the lake as needed, then back to the shed / garage.

probably only need a short lift / suction - a few feet to get the intake hose into a couple feet of water. has to pump a distance of about 120 feet, with a total lift of less than 10 or 12 feet, to get to the tanks. tanks hold approx 4,000 gallons.

right now I'm open to all suggestions with the one preference that I can fill these in about an hour or less (thinking of the cold days when this won't be a lot of fun)

I've seen units with Briggs & STratton, Mitsubishi, Honda engines, etc. Lots of cheaper units too - a bit leary of buying junk, but there may be a decent unit somewhere in the lower end...?

anyway, any advice, experiences, etc. are appreciated


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When I worked for the City up North, we carried two inch pumps for draining meter pits. Had Briggs engine and worked really well. You just need to do proper maintenance on them. Make sure you have a filtering type end to prevent sucking up stuff. You could use a float to adjust the depth of the hose end. Bet Honda is better but more expensive.


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I think pumping out of a lake i would want to go with a semi-trash pump similar to this
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Can you explain further what this is to water? Garden irrigation?livestock water? i would consider a cover and leave it down there unless theft is a concern. Goggle ag transfer pump IF water is clean. IF there is any moss or trash in this lake the trash pump is necessary. Your comment about cold freezing weather leads me to believe livestock over garden or lawn irrigation because that usually ceases with cold onset. Hopefully your NOT considering drinking that water!! have you checked into what a well would cost? The benefit of a well is it is all clean water,no moss or trash or runoff contaminants and you can locate it where you need it. Water level will probably be 'close' to lake level anyway. You can buy brand new windmills or run your gas pump or hook to electricity unless your remote. Believe me when I say you will ENJOY that well instead of priming and demossing your foot valves etc in icey weather. ground water will always be about 50 degrees also.
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thanks all for the comments

to clarify - this is not for drinking but it is to supply non-potable water - shower, dishes, etc. - we're drawing off Lake Superior which is about as good as it gets for lake water.

here's the thing - doing some research on wells drilled in proximity to my property - some have run over $14k and even more in 1 case - and some have ended up with bad water anyway (talking to both drilling guys and property owners - hitting heavy salt, iron, etc. - going really deep and still getting crap - then lots of $$$ to clean it up). I don't understand why this is the case - given we're all on the shore of Superior - you'd think the ground / well water would be pristine (maybe the ground conditions, etc can affect the well quality regardless). Even the drillers told me this is a real crap shoot where i am. You can be 100 feet from the shore of the largest freshwater lake in the world and spend a ton trying to get decent groundwater.

The well is still a possibility - but based on other's experiences it probably won't be cheap so it's not going to happen anytime soon. The cisterns are a decent alternative at least for the time being (until i find a bag of money or someone next door moves in and strikes a good well

Based on current water usage in town and adding some water conserving fixtures etc I can stretch this out enough to cover most of the really cold weather so I'm not too worried in the short term
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