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firebird0095 06-01-2012 01:06 AM

Adding Propane To Existing Home
I have a home that is in the country and is all electric. I am remodeling the kitchen and would like a gas range, so I am planning to add the plumbing to support a 60,000 BTU range. The run would be a straight shot in the side of the garage through the utility room and into the basement with one elbow to go the last 10 feet over to the range. The total length in the home is approx 60ft. Since I am only running the range, I would like to use 100lb cylinders that I can take to get refilled on my own. A 100 lb cylinder is good for ~2.2MBTU and that is a lot of cooking in my book.

I have no problems mechanically doing this job - I have no problem installing leak free plumbing. I live in Indiana, and I want to make sure I follow code and best practices for this job. I am searching but have not found the code online yet.

1) Since it is a portable tank, how does that affect setback? Can I locate the tank just outside the garage wall behind the house? That would be my preference for ease of access and installation. I would plan on putting in a small slab with a mini shed to house the bottle. Previous homeowner has a run of 3/4" plastic gas line from the house that comes out of the ground down by the barn that I could use if necessary. He put it in but never hooked up either end of it. It sticks up out of the floor in the utility room(garage floor slab) and out of the ground with about 10ft coiled up down by the barn about 80ft away.

2) Where do I get a proper regulator for this application? What types/specs should I look for.

3) I have read that you use black pipe inside and copper outside. Is that still true here? I am guessing that there will have to be a flexible line coming off of the tank/regulator. If I can in fact put the tank outside the garage wall, can I continue this same flexible line through the block and connect to the hard lines on the interior? I can hard line copper all the way to the regulator on the bottle, but I would feel better with a flex line to prevent stress when changing bottles.

4)?? Any relevant additional info or advice welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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