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Originally Posted by majakdragon View Post
Our purpose here is to help you do the jobs you want/need to do yourself. Every occupation has a percentage of bad apples and you seem to have found them. As a Plumber myself, I figure I get paid the "big bucks" for my knowledge. I spent 5 years as an apprentice, going to school a few nights a week and working at the trade by day (for half of what Journeymen make). Then I had to take a State test. I own most of my own tools. I help out in Forums because there are a lot of things that can be done by the DIYers. Ask whatever you need to know and we will give you the answers.
I apprieciate it Dragon, and I really do respect the time and effort that goes into an education like yours.


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When you are looking for a plumber you should look to friends and neigbors for referals. Also try the guys who don't have the big ads in the phone book, that way you will probably get the owner( the man w/the license). Fixed pricing is usually a rip-off. Supplying your own fixtures is a big turn-off for plumbers, as we make money on fixtures too. I think that has something to do with labor rates.
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I haven't even read all of this from top to bottom, so I don't know what the controversy is.
All that I know is:
A. I'm 64 and I've been doing DIY since I was 11,
B. I'm not a licensed pro in any trade but real estate,
C. I enjoy helping others, and I have more than 14,000 posts (I can prove that, if necessary) on various DIY websites since I've been doing it, so everybody else give everybody else a break. There are a lot of good people here just trying to do the same thing.
I'm just here for fun. Easy.
Have a great year!
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right on

Sometimes I think that us licensed people just get a little nervous because we have all been called to fix some things not done right by the previous owners. As far as outrageous rates!! I was a computer consultant for Cisco for 10 years I got 750.00 dollars a day plus all expenses. The good thing was I rarely got called because someone had tried to fix there own router tables or install a new 5k switch by themselves. I just own a small company and to have all the ins/lic that is required is more then some people make in a year... When I was a computer consultant I did most things myself but I grew up doing it. My Dad and 3 of his brothers all owned contracting companies. Instead of filling up your car to drive to work back and forth every day try filling up our vans and service trucks twice a day. We are not ripp offs but some of us have had plenty of customers we would rather not go back and see again.


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