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diy'er on LI 11-12-2009 12:44 PM

adding new sink / faucet / drain assembly... and I'm clueless :-(
ugh. I think I may be over my head. I am going to give it the good ol' DIY try before I cave in and call a pro.

we demo'ed a bathroom and are about to install a floating vanity that has a sink that also serves as a counter and that fancy type of chrome drain assembly often seen with vessel sinks. (It's the pretty drain assembly becuase you can see it when you pull out the vanity drawer.)

I bought the faucet, sink, and drain assembly seperately. The minimal paperwork that's included (merely identifying some but not all of the parts) is all written in spanish. some help that is!

Where I am currently: the 70% of the drain assembly has been fitted together. I do not know how to connect the metal sink drain (where the plunger sits) to the top of the pretty drain assembly, or how to connect the bottom (unthreaded) end of the assembly to the threaded plastic wall drain pipe that is a slightly larger diameter (1.75" vs 1.25" for the assembly pipe).

I know these are remedial plumbing questions that will inevitably lead to a few trips to home depot...

I think what I need right now is a really good primer video or website that shows step by step how to assemble one of these chrome drain assemblies, since the parts look different from the plastic pipes I'm somewhat familiar with. I've searched youtube and google for a while and didn't find anything for chrome pipe assemblies.

please advise! thanks......:)

jhamlin38 11-12-2009 01:12 PM

grohe website, or the offer good pdf's of the different waste/overflows. Their diagrams should translate nicely, so you don't end up in puddles.
good luck.

oh'mike 11-12-2009 08:18 PM

You must first learn to speak spanish! (It is probably translated to spanish using a Manderin/Spanish dictionary)

I am assuming that you are installing one of those 'Mixing bowl-setting on a glass top' things--

Pop up first--There should be a nut/flat washer/ black rubber washer on the 'up side'

Lower the nut as far down as possible-Push down the black rubber washer also.

next-there should be a concave 'doughnut' to set the sink on(they are usually clear)-

Put 'dough nut' over hole in counter-set sink bowl on doughnut.

Put plumbers putty on the under side of the pop up sink trim piece.

Slip the pop up ,up through the hole in the bottom of the sink/counter--

Screw on the sink trim piece till it stops --Slowly and carefully tighten the big nut under the black rubber gasket. Slow and GENTLY! Make sure the pop up lever is pointing at the faucet center hole.

Oh , The drain to wall--Easy -1 1/2 to 1 1/4 nylon reducer. Look like is fat version of the regular nylon thing that goes under a nut--

Good luck-Dinner's getting cold --MIKE--

diy'er on LI 11-13-2009 12:10 PM

thanks so much for your replies.... brasstech had a very informative PDF that helped ID some of the wierd parts....

I'm going to look at this problem again likely either this weekend or next weekend (thankfully, we have another powder room on the same floor:thumbsup:)

actually, it's a 30" floating vanity with a 30" sink (no overflow) that serves also as the "countertop". The reason for the pretty pipe work is becuase you can see the drainage assembly when you open the vanity drawer. Small detail, I know, but I like these little extra touches........ :)

totally didn't take into account our clueless factor when making the purchase though:whistling2: I'm really hoping that the wall pipe lines up with the drain assembly. I vaguely recall our old sink being off center a smidge :huh:

oh'mike 11-13-2009 05:36 PM

Off center a bit is a GOOD thing!
If you can figure out how to post a picture--Post one or two

An over all of the vanity and one of the pile of parts. Much easier when we have an idea of what you are working with.--MIKE--

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