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Ray101967 04-29-2012 10:50 AM

add a shower to mobile home garden tub
hello all,
im ray, and i gotta question. i have a mobile home garden tub, kinda triangular and i my plan is to add a shower feature to the tub and rip out the tiny phone booth shower and make it into a linen closet. the faucet for the garden tub is on top of the garden tub. the question is: do they make a faucet with a diverter that will work on my garden tub so i can use the faucet to fill the tub or "divert" for a shower? i havent found any such. and does anyone know of a practical way to do this. i know i need a curved shower rod and i will have to water proof the walls. this is the least of the problem. i need a faucet that will work with this. any suggestions?

joecaption 04-29-2012 11:04 AM

There's hundred of differant controls that will work.
Things your going to have to deal with in most mobile homes is partical board subfloors, I've even seen 1 X's used for wall studs, may find old Quest plumbing that there was class action law sutes againt.
Just trying to give you a heads up on what to expect.

Alan 04-29-2012 01:05 PM

My first concern would be that using a drop in tub in this manner with a deck mounted faucet, is that your shower water is going to splash all over the faucet, and you're going to get water going underneath it.

The best route IMO would be to rip the whole thing out and start new. I don't think you're going to find something that will hook up to the valve you already have in place and do what you want it to do.

TarheelTerp 04-29-2012 03:34 PM

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Originally Posted by Ray101967 (Post 910135) plan is to add a shower feature to the tub and rip out the tiny phone booth shower... does anyone know of a practical way to do this.

Not really practical (unless your floor is bad like mine was)...
I made the whole bathroom into one big shower pan. Works great.

RedGard on the (plywood) floor then Epoxy.
The walls are FRP.

TEdwards 01-13-2015 08:48 PM

roman tub shower conversion
Don't you love how you answer a question, and get zero response to actual question asked. But I am in the same boat. Wanting to convert roman tub into shower. Yes you have to water proof the walls that a no brainer. But I have been looking for the rim mount diverter spout and have come up with nothing as well. So what I have determined I must do is buy a new roman faucet spout or the whole faucet. High quality spouts have a aerator that is removable and also threaded. Then you can buy a nipple that has the fine threads that will screw into the tub spout and the other end that has the threads that fit a hand held shower connection. I don't take baths that often so the inconveinence of having to unscrew the hand held shower is not going to be that big of a deal to me. Hopefully this actually gives you and idea to your actual question.

nap 01-13-2015 10:18 PM

not trying to be a killjoy but the thread you posted to is almost 3 years old. While it's nice to help, I think the guy probably has it figured out by now.

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