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accessing plumbing under basement floor for bath

Ok, I am just looking for advice on this project. It is probably another 2-3 years out, but I just want to see what the complexity of it might be, and what things I should start looking into, both for costs, and difficulty of doing it myself. I have experience with DIY on a couple previous projects, am good with framing and electrical, but haven't done much in terms of plumbing, or major concrete work.

So I am looking to add a bathroom in the basement, Atleast a half bath, hopefully with a shower in it as well. I have included two diagrams of what my laundry room is currently, and what I would like to do with it. The foundation is block, and the floor is a floating poured concrete floor, that has a 2" gap between it and the wall on all sides. All the sewer lines run under the concrete, and when I say all, there are 4 sewer lines in this house, with one possibly being just a storm sewer drain, rather than waste (open top and just has a dehumidifier running into it.) The sewer likes all appear to be 4 inch cast iron to about 1' out of the floor, then switch to either 2" or 3" copper from there. The left one in the picture drains the kitchen sink, dishwasher and basement sink. The right one drains the 2nd floor bathroom. The one not shown is all the way to the right of the basement, and drains the first floor full bath. The possible storm sewer one is all the way in the front left corner of the house, opposite of any of these. Not sure why it is broken up like this, but it is. Because of the Laundry sink, I already have hot and cold water in the area where I would want to put the bathroom, and because of the current dryer vent, I have a location to run the fan out.

My big questions, are what do I need to do to access the pipes under the concrete, and tie the plumbing from this bathroom into it? I am hoping that due to the proximity to all of the sewer lines, that I shouldn't have to take up much concrete. How would I go about finding where the sewer line runs, and what should be used to cut the concrete? I assume that I would have a plumber come do the connections, but any prep work I can do to save money would be great.




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Originally Posted by jimmyfloyd View Post
So I am looking to add a bathroom in the basement...
All the sewer lines run under the concrete
...what do I need to do to access the pipes under the concrete
A jack hammer, shovel, wheel barrow are the main things.
Then it's a pile of pipe fittings.

How would I go about finding where the sewer line runs...
Somewhere along the street side of your house, and (maybe or)
probably close to the space below the upstairs bathroom...
will be the clean out fitting and "soil stack".

That's where all the existing drain lines run toward.
From there imagine as straight a line as possible to other drains.

That's it.


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All three stacks are along the back wall of the house, with the two pictures being near the center line, and the one for the 2nd floor being at the far left rear corner of the basement. The possible storm drain one is in the far front right corner, and I know it has a clean out between it and the front wall. Not sure if there is another clean out along the front wall.
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Like TarHeel said, jackhammer the floor.

I would have the sewer camera inspected by a plumber first. They can map out all the lines for you as well as tell you what condition they are in. This would be beneficial to know since you are planning to break open the floor, you could also correct any problems areas.
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