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wildbilly 03-14-2009 10:20 AM

ABS Cleanout Loose Fit
I got a cleanout to put at the end of my 3" main drain line. It seems to fit very loose. Do you need to put pipe dope or something on it?

brokenknee 03-14-2009 12:55 PM

Do not use pipe dope on plastic pipe. If it doesn't tighten up you could try a new plug. Is it leaking? You could use teflon tape if you need to.

wildbilly 03-14-2009 02:23 PM

I just bought a 3" cleanout at the store for a new installation and it seemed fairly loose. I tried a couple different fittings on both sides and they seemed the same. It does thread in a ways and I'm wondering if it's kinda tapered and it tightens up the farther you screw it in. It doesn't have much of a seat so I doubt it seals there. It shouldn't get much pressure on it as it will be on the end of a Wye that flows the waste the other way. I'm just trying to ensure that it won't leak in the future.

brokenknee 03-14-2009 02:27 PM

Tighten it up without anything it should be fine.

Bondo 03-14-2009 04:08 PM


and I'm wondering if it's kinda tapered and it tightens up the farther you screw it in.
Ayuh,.... All pipe threads are Tapered....

wildbilly 03-21-2009 08:57 PM

Well guess what dudes. I did my pressure test and my drain system is leaking in two spots and they are both threaded pieces. One is this cleanout and another is a threaded connection I screwed in what was a cleanout to connect to 3" pipe.

So there has to be something in the threads to keep it from leaking; what is it???? The one I could cut and take apart and use ABS glue and rethreat it; the splice won't be easy to do it though. The cleanout wouldn't be a cleanout if I did it on that. I did tighten them pretty good with a pipe wrench in my vise before they were glued although I didn't get riduculous since it's plastic.

A guy a Menards told me he uses never seeze on his so you can get it open later in life. That thought was unprovoked and I was in regards to any sealant.

wildbilly 03-21-2009 09:35 PM

I found on another forum that Teflon pipe thread tape nor that with thread seal for ABS pipe didn't work.

Guess what worked is bowl wax. Said they had a tub of it. All I can find on the web is bowl wax gasket (for a toilet?). Think that will work? Where can I get some?

Wethead 03-21-2009 10:57 PM

How loose is it?

I would Teflon tape it with 3 to 4 wraps and then dope it,

It its still leaks, then I would replace the clean out plug, maybe its defective or made in china !

JDC 03-22-2009 07:10 AM

I'm with Wethead. Six or seven wraps of teflon tape then a good pipe dope with teflon. Some people say not to use dope on plastic, but there are plenty of pipe dopes out there that are fine on PVC and ABS.

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