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toilettime 08-03-2011 04:46 PM

4 bolt toilet, replace with 2 bolt?
I have toilets with 4 bolts instead of the 2 bolts that seem to be the standard these days. How do I go replacing it? Do I just leave off two of the bolts?

Also, since the toilet will be out of the way, I think I'll replace the angle valve. The current one is 35 years old and is one of those with the as part of it. It's pretty well corroded on their. Any tips on how to get it off without busting the pipe?

plumberinlaw 08-03-2011 11:58 PM

just cut the two extra bolts flush with the floor if you can't screw them out. mount two bolt toilet to flange. Use new bolts and wax ring. If your angle stop is on copper cut it as close as possible behind old angle stop and sweat a new stop on. If it is on galvanized start using the penetrating oil of your choice 24 hours before you try to remove it. Use two pipe wrenches so only the angle valve unscrews. if that is a no go apply some heat fron a torch and try again when hot!

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