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texaslady 10-01-2007 10:18 PM

1 piece toilet leaks at brass gasket below flapper
My toilet tank keeps adding water every 10 minutes or so. I have an American Standard one piece toilet that's about 50 years old. I thought the leak was at the fill valve, so I replaced it with a Fluidmaster kit that did away with the ballcock. I added a sealant ring and replaced the flapper with a Fluidmaster Flusher Fixer Kit #555C.

It still leaked. Since the style flapper I put on was different than the old one, I decided that might be why it was still leaking, so I removed the Fluidmaster flapper and sealant ring and replaced it with the original style Ace Flush Valve Actuator Assembly listed to fit #4 American Standard Flush Valves.

It still leaks and cycles water in every few minutes. My fill tube is part of the china tank...not a separate tube. I checked the level of the tubing, as I've read that it will siphon water if it is down in the fill tube. I believe I have the tubing at the correct level, just at the top of the fill tube. That didn't help either.

Now I'm wondering if the leak is at the gasket below the flapper. It is brass with a rubber ring underneath it. Since this is a one piece tank, I'm not sure how to go about removing/replacing the brass ring below the flapper so I can change out the rubber gasket.

Should I replace the old rubber ring underneath the brass ring below the Flapper? And how do I do that since I can't remove the tank?

Prior to these changes, the flush would nearly empty the tank of water. After replacing the flapper and fill valve, it seems to flush incompletely...closing the flapper while there is still at least a couple of inches water left in the bottom of the tank. Did I do something wrong with the adjustments?

Thanks everyone! I'm new here and really need the help.

scorrpio 10-02-2007 02:40 PM

The wrong thing is trying to repair that ancient monster. If you are paying for water usage, that toilet is costing you a mighty penny - weather leaking or not, it is likely chugging 5+ gallons per flush. Last year, I replaced one such dinosaur with a Toto Ultramax. Its flush is quick and quiet - no matter how much 'stuff' is in it, *slurp* - and it's just gone, and it is ready for next flush in under 20 seconds. All at code-mandated 1.6gpf. It cut my water bill in half. And I LOVE softclose seat.

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