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bobpiker 02-21-2009 04:02 PM

1/2" OD copper to 1/2" nominal with T connector?
I'm trying to figure out how to insert a t connector into a 1/2" OD copper line that will allow me to take one branch of the T off to a standard 1/2" Sharkbite or PEX line. Is there such a T connector?

downunder 02-21-2009 07:01 PM

Sorry, but not clear on what you want to from and to. SharkBite is a connector, PEX is a line. SharkBite does make a T connector. Is that not what you want? Are you T ing from copper to PEX?
Maybe it's just late and I'm not reading this right.

Termite 02-21-2009 07:05 PM

I'm not too clear on the question either. If you're wanting to pull another line off an existing line with a T you'd just need to cut in a T fitting and sweat it in, and also sweat in a short piece of pipe into the 3rd leg of the T. The sharkbite will fit onto the 1/2" copper leg. If you have PEX tools you can certainly sweat a PEX adapter to the copper leg.

Sharkbite T's might be an option too.

bobpiker 02-22-2009 07:03 AM

Hello, Downunder and Thekctermite.
Thank you for your replies. I wasn't too good explaining what I'm trying to do but I have two supply lines that transition from 1/2" OD copper to old galvanized and then back to stanard 1/2" copper pipe just before a shower faucet. I'm attempting to bypass the galvanize pipe and I need to do it with flexible tubing like PEX. I was thining that Sharkbite had their own pipe but I guess it is CPVC. I'm hoping to insert a t connector into the 1/2" OD copper before the galvanized pipe. My issue is that the 1/2" OD has a smaller outside diameter than the 1/2" CPVC or PEX so I'm unsure that a t connector with 2 half inch OD ends and 1 half inch end for PEX or CPVC exists. Should I sweat small pieces onto the 1/2" OD copper ends that will then go into a Sharkbite t connector? Thanks for your help for this novice. I'm a watchmaker by trade but consider myself a verifiable tinkerer.

Termite 02-22-2009 10:21 AM

Bob, a picture is worth a thousand words when attempting to describe such things! :yes: I'd be willing to bet that sharkbite does have something that'll work. The cool thing about them is that they're compatible with PEX and copper pipe and they don't use their own proprietary pipe. They just stab on what you've got.

I'd really suggest going to a plumbing supply house that knows their fittings (not a box store with moron half-wits working the plumbing aisle) and stocks the Sharkbite fittins. Show them a sketch of what you need to do and I'll be willing to bet they've got a way to make it easy.

bobpiker 02-22-2009 01:23 PM

Thanks for your advice. I never thought of taking a photo of my problem area to help explain myself. I suspect you are right that it will go a long way towards helping someone to understand my dilemna. I'm looking forward to saving some time with the Sharkbite pieces so hopefully I'll be able to get a recommendation from someone knowledgeable once they have been able to see my photo. I talked with a guy yesterday at Home Depot. They carry Sharkbite and he seemed to know what he was talking about but he didn't have a solution for me. He suggested just ripping out the old copper 1/2" OD and replacing it all from the basement to the 2nd floor bath all with Sharkbite. That's what I'm trying to avoid, though. I gave myself access through the bathroom floor to the old galvanized pipe with the intention of bypassing it completely to get to my shower. Water pressure would be a great thing to have and that shower has always been a disappointment. I'm betting the old galvanized is plugged up with sediment. I saw that in my basement galvanized when I had that all replaced.

Again, thanks for your advice. I'll talk with very old hardware store in town tomorrow afternoon and I'll bet they will have some insight with my photo in hand.


Termite 02-22-2009 05:18 PM

I meant post that photo here...I'm sure we can come up with something besides replacing all the pipe as HD suggested.

bobpiker 02-26-2009 10:10 AM

More on my plumbing problem...
2 Attachment(s)
Hello, thekctermite.

Here are a couple of photos. One shows the galvanized pipe that I want to bypass. I need to leave the galvanized in place, though, because it supplies a bathroom sink that I'm not worried about with pressure. I want to T-connect into the straight pipe runs in the second photo so that I can branch off with flexible Pex tubing and bypass the old galvanized pipe to get to my shower faucet. I have about a foot of 1/2" copper pipe at each inlet of my faucet that I can easily connec to. My issue is the copper tubing in the second photo is 1/2" OD. Frankly, I'm a hands-on homeowner but know very little about plumbing. Is it possible to intall a T-connector into the 1/2" OD copper (I guess the T-connector would need to be 1/2" ID in 2 ends and 1/2" OD on the 3rd side) or do I need to add short 1/2" ID copper pieces to the cut ends of the 1/2" OD tubing?


Termite 02-26-2009 10:51 AM

Good pics. :yes:

That's flexible copper. I'm just about certain that sharkbite makes fittings that will allow you to easily transition from the 1/2" soft copper to another plumbing material such as pex or soldered copper. Even if it isn't in the form of a T you can get a fitting to make the transition and install the T on the new pipe material.

Otherwise you're looking at flare fittings on that soft copper, and that's a lot to bite off for most DIYers.

bobpiker 02-26-2009 11:06 AM

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll check with Sharkbite and see what they have to offer. If not, I'll go the route of the adding a piece to the cut ends to make the transition.

Have a great Thursday.


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